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CMSA President’s Letter NAVIGATING THE SEVEN “Cs” of Case Management ’ve always thought of the cornerstones of case management as the “Three Cs”: Communication, Collaboration, and Coordination. It goes without saying that case management is built on a multifaceted foundation of advocacy, empowerment, education, and of course the case management process itself. However, the “Three Cs” have always stood out for me as the key elements of effective case management, regardless of the practice setting, the delivery model, or the target population. Everywhere we turn, it’s quite obvious that we are facing a time of extraordinary change in health care in response to numerous needs: the need to minimize fragmentation and improve transitions of care; the need to focus on patient safety and quality of care; the need to improve the patient’s experience with care; and the need for reducing the cost of effective care. To meet these needs, there is an explosion of interest in implementing patient-centered coordinated care models, integrated health care delivery systems, population health management approaches, outcomes-based reimbursement, and valuebased purchasing of health care services. It’s these changes, and their impact for the case management profession, that inspired the theme for CMSA’s 22nd Annual Conference in June: Spanning the Waves of Change in an Ocean of Opportunities. In pondering this theme, it strikes me how perfectly this rings true! These waves of change — shifts in practice toward truly collaborative, patientcentered, quality-driven models of care — are indeed creating oceans of opportunities for the case management profession. As case managers, we need to recognize that we can successfully span these waves of change and navigate the “oceans” of our ever-changing world of health care. However, it will take a bridge built on the foundation of not only the “Three Cs”—Communication, Collaboration, and Coordination—but several other “Cs” as well: Conversations, Confidence, Compassion and Caring. I BY MARY BETH NEWMAN, MSN, RN-BC, CMAC, CCP, CCM As case managers, we need to recognize that we can successfully span these waves of change and navigate the “oceans” of our ever-changing world of health care. Open and honest conversations among health care professionals are critical to promote an interprofessional approach to patient care. A culture of trust and respect for the roles of all members on the interprofessional care team is vital to create and deliver true value in our evolving health care system. And let’s not forget that engaging in open and honest twoway conversations between health care professionals and patients is fundamental to ensuring clear communication, safer care, and better health outcomes. • As case managers, we need to have confidence that our professional standards of practice will continue to be the guiding light as new models of health care delivery are developed and implemented. And we need to continually give our confidence levels a boost by taking advantage of educational and learning opportunities to help raise our understanding and knowledge of how to demonstrate the effectiveness of case management. • And it goes without saying that compassion and caring are two of the most fundamental values guiding case management practice. We take that for granted, but it’s certainly worth a shout out! Case managers know that demonstrating compassion and caring are truly at the heart of patient-centered care. So now when I think of the cornerstones of case management in our ever-changing world of healthcare, I think of the “Seven Cs.” We need to willingly and openly embrace these “Seven Cs” to successfully navigate the oceans of change. • Mary Beth Newman CMSA President, 2011-2012 ISSUE 5 • 2011 • DIGITAL CMSA TODAY 7

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Case Managers in the Spotlight: The Impact of Case Management on Nursing Leadership and Health Care
CMSA and NASW Launch the CMI Case Load Capacity Calculator
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CMSA Today - Issue 5, 2011