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AOSE SPOTLIGHT Spotlight on CMSA’s Award of Service Excellence (AOSE) R eflecting back on the 2012 National CMSA Conference in San Francisco has brought forth many rewarding memories. The programs and speakers, networking, expo hall, and opening night party were amazing. The conference provided a forum to learn about the “waves of change” and “oceans of opportunities” for the case management profession. It is an exciting time to be a case management professional! BY BARBARA MACKEY-ZEIGLER, RN, BSN, CCM downward into a system of health care fragmentation not only between settings, but between units and caregivers within the hospital. What was a fall at home became a fractured hip, followed by non-healing heel ulcers, vascular complications, and ultimately the loss of his leg. I share this story with you because I want you to know that fragmentation in health care is not limited to health The National Award of Service Excellence is given to a practicing case manager every year at the National Conference. The award recognizes a grassroots case manager who works “in the trenches.” Having received this year’s Award of Service of Excellence, this recognition of service has had such a positive impact on my life as a case manager. First, I would like to again thank the National Awards Committee for selecting me for the AOSE 2012 award! It is an honor to be nominated and selected for service excellence in case management. Thank you to all of those who nominated me! Thanks Cincinnati, Ohio! We as case managers believe in the importance of excellence in the delivery of effective health care. Looking back on all that has brought me to this point in my journey — both professionally and personally — a few things come to mind that I would like to share. In my current position, I serve a great group of people: the Medicare population. As a nurse case manager, my focus is on transitions of care and reducing hospital readmission rates. Each day, I advocate, navigate, coordinate, and collaborate using evidence-based tools and put into action CMSA’s Standards of Practice. I make these efforts to help improve health outcomes in a fragmented health care system. It is my job to serve as the glue that holds it together — to connect the dots. Over the last couple of years, the fragmented health care system that I work in every day has affected not only my professional life, but my personal life as well. I have dealt with the fragmented system first-hand, and I have seen how challenging it is to navigate and advocate for a loved one. My father, who has over 36 comorbids, visited the emergency room over two years ago and has since spiraled The recipient of the 2012 Award of Service Excellence is Barbara Mackey-Zeigler, RN, BSN, CCM of Mason, Ohio, a Case Manager at WellPoint/ Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Issue 1 • 2013 • DIGITAL CMSA TODAY 17

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