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martyn’sCorner Creating a Strong Association for the Future - Part 1 By Martyn B. Hopper Executive Vice President As we move into a new decade, as an association manager, my top priority is to protect our industry. The next 10 years will bring, I believe, an unprecedented number of threats from big government: whether it be the Legislature in the form of new laws; state agencies, departments and boards in the form of new regulations; or through the court system in the form of legal case decision making. It is therefore critical that PCOC, your trade association, is strong enough to meet these challenges ahead … and I am happy to report that we have been working on this top priority during the last year and will continue to do so. I wanted to take this opportunity to explain some of the actions that have been taken and what lies ahead so that PCOC is positioned to be the most effective VOICE of the pest control industry at every level of government. I have split this column into two parts because of the number of activities your association is engaged upon. The pest control industry’s voice will never be heard in the halls of power unless we make a concerted effort to educate legislators. Our Financial Health In this era when non-profit associations are going out of business throughout the country due to declining dues dollars, we have concentrated on a four-pronged approach. 1. Make a huge strategic push to gain new members; 2. Increased methodical follow up with delinquent memberships; 3. Increase the number and significance of value-added programs (for instance, substantial marketing of PCOC Insurance, enlarge the number of endorsed providers who give improved discounts to members); and 4. Improve the percentage of non-dues revenue collected. The legislative threats which will materialize have the potential to put all PCOs out of business, so legislative advocacy at all levels of government is clearly the most important function we perform. Representing the industry is what your trade association does. Our lobbying team has developed a comprehensive strategy that will make sure we are heard! From an expanded monitoring of bills and PCOC / SPRING 2010 regulations introduced to a team approach to lobbying committees, our effectiveness has been increased. Also, we are holding lunches with key legislators, inviting them to the districts to speak and providing political contributions in a targeted manner. Which brings me to PAPCO. We need to double the amount of funds that are available over the next few years. The pest control industry’s voice will never be heard in the halls of power unless we make a concerted effort to educate legislators. Our Club 99 contributions need to increase … and we have several strategies afoot to do just this. The fi rst of which is the new pledge cards that are available at all PCOC events: an opportunity for you to reaffi rm your commitment to the protection of our industry. Finally, since a great deal of the legislative and regulatory activity is centered at the federal level, we have embarked on a trial two-year joint membership with our sister organization, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). We have already been working with them closely on a number of EPA-related issues and will continue to take advantage of their resources and knowledge regarding federal legislation and threats which may wind their way to California. I think you will agree that there is a lot going on! A great deal of it is motivated and pushed by active association members – volunteers make it happen. In Part 2, I will cover efforts to strengthen our association from within as well as getting the word out to the public: Hire a professional!

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