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insurance Don’t Get Mad, Get Focused By Paul Lindsay Director, Jenkins Insurance Group PCOC Insurance Program Then again, sometimes a little anger can create the very motivation needed to get focused and do something about it. The it I am talking about is automobile claims, and if there is any one single scourge of the pest control industry, automobile losses are “it.” This article underscores the vital necessity of minimizing these losses. It will also show you positive steps you can take today to reduce this significant threat. When we started this program in 1989, the biggest challenges the industry faced were the issues of pollution and multi-chemical sensitivity bodily injury claims. Over the past 20+ years, millions of dollars were paid out in legal defense and settlements over these allegations. During this time, the PCOC, pest control operators, pesticide manufacturers and suppliers, insurance professionals, and attorneys worked hard to find remedies; these combined efforts wrought great success. Between improved best business/ applications practices, changes in pesticide materials, education, and an aggressive posture toward claims prevention and settlements, the number and payout size of general liability claims have declined dramatically over the last 10 years. Consider the odds of creating and sustaining that success. There are at least five pest controlhostile environmentalist groups operating within California. Additionally, who can forget the plaintiff attorney’s mantra “Toxic mold is attorneys’ gold”? Yet, through the pro-active actions of the pest control industry, you have prevailed. The pest control industry has rarely enjoyed a more positive relationship with the public at large. So, how is it that the simple act of driving a truck from stop to stop leads the pest PCOC / SPRING 2010 I can point to a significant number of operators with auto fleets of all sizes that consistently enjoy few auto losses. When they have losses, they tend not to be at fault. How do they pull this off? It is all about attitude and mindset. control industry in the number and dollar amount of claims? The driving environment is not stacked against your drivers; there are no groups dedicated to the demise of the driver. Further, the pest control drivers face the same challenges that every driver faces, most of whom never experience a single accident in their lives. If a driver maintains the proper distance between other vehicles and drives appropriately for the road conditions at hand, the odds of not having an accident are greatly in their favor. However, this is not happening within the pest control industry. The pest control driving-related loss statistics are shocking. Over the last three years, auto losses accounted for 81 percent of all claims and 85 percent of all loss dollars paid in the PCOC Insurance Program! Remember the days of the obscene chemical exposure payments and almost daily errors and omissions claims? No more. What is most frustrating is that the one area most in control of your employees — that of following at a safe distance — accounts for a whopping 65 percent of all reported auto claims and 52 percent of all paid auto claims. Ninety-nine percent are at-fault and over 50 percent involve multiple claimants. The average claim amount is $12,500.

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