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Africanized Honeybee Certification Renewal Attention: All PCOs Certified to Control Africanized Honeybees The board of directors of the Pest Control Operators of California has approved a program for the renewal of the Africanized Honeybee Certification program/course. 4. Thereafter every three years (in between the six-year renewal) every certified licensee will be required to take a one-hour online class on the PCOC Web site. The AHB Subcommittee will create and post a one-hour class annually, which will be available to all AHB-certified licensees to take each year. Some classes will focus on updates on a particular nuance of AHB management; other classes may focus on updates on the AHB movement, stinging incidents, new technologies and other timely issues. 5. AHB licensees who last took the full AHB certification course prior to 2009 will have to take the full AHB certification class by the end of 2014. This allows a full four years to accommodate these licensees to get into the system of retaking the full AHB certification course every six years. 6. AHB-certified licensees who last took the full AHB certification course in 2009 or later will have to take the full AHB certification class within six years of when they last completed the class. Current Challenges Which Necessitate the Need for Renewals • Lack of compliance with standards. Hopefully this is due to length of time since some have taken the course rather than a desire to purposefully violate the standards. • Desire to maintain highest levels of integrity and professionalism within this industry/statutory certification. • No system by which to maintain an up-to-date database of certified licensees. Counties, state agencies and the public have all complained that our database is all but useless because it contains licensees who are no longer in the industry or are no longer certified, or no longer desire to control honeybees. Check-In Procedure All AHB licensees (PCOC members and all non-members) must go to the PCOC Web site (www.pcoc.org). Click on the “Find/ Hire a Pest Control Company” button, and then click on the “add/ update your listing” line. Click on the “update your listing” box. The required login is ahb and the required password is pcoc. You must then update your information. This update will automatically be forwarded to the PCOC staff. It is the responsibility of the AHB licensee to complete the update before June 30, 2011 or you will be dropped from the AHB database. Effective immediately all persons who have previously completed the AHB course must comply with the following conditions: 1. All certified licensees must perform a check in with PCOC to update their status, i.e., employer, mailing address and license status with either or both the SPCB and DPR. This check-in process will be done through the PCOC Web site and will begin May 1, 2010 and must be completed by June 30, 2011. Anyone who does not complete the check-in process will be dropped from the AHB database maintained by PCOC. Staff will have the flexibility to accommodate licensees who fail to check in during this time period because of extenuating circumstances such as active duty overseas or other similar situations. 2. After the initial check in, certified licensees will be sent an e-mail annually to the e-mail address they have established in the system (the licensee will be able to go online at any time and update profile and contact information, including e-mail address) reminding them to check in to confirm their contact information and status as an active (or inactive) certified licensee. 3. Thereafter every six years certified licensees would be required to retake the full certification course. PCOC / SPRING 2010 http://www.pcoc.org

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