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president’sMessage A Year in Review By Lee Whitmore 2009-2010 President In October, over 210 PCOC members attended PestWorld 2010 in Las Vegas, Nev. This record California attendance returned with extremely positive feedback regarding the quality and value of this fabulous event. Over the years, I have read the spring edition of our Voice magazine and noted several of my distinguished predecessors commented on how quickly their year had gone, how the time had slipped by. Meaningful association work generally takes a great deal of time to take effect. Whether it is legislation, an innovative program, or a value-added service, it all takes significant effort and time. This year, our entire PCOC team has been busy reacting to what seems like an unusually high number of significant challenges: SPCB re-assignment to DPR, ESA lawsuits, development of CAP, water quality concerns, and pyrethroid re-registration, just to name a few. But we have also found time to work on the following agenda set forth at the beginning of the year. Over the next three months, I hope we can continue to work together in an effort to finalize these initiatives: We intend on working more closely with the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). In September, our board of directors unanimously voted to enter into a trial joint membership program with NPMA. This closer-working relationship began under the sage leadership of past president Joe Gatto who had the vision to see value in collaborating with our national counterparts in developing and marketing our newly developed IPM standards. And what a successful venture this has become. Since then, GreenPro has rapidly grown into the world’s largest IPM certification program. And in December 2009, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded NPMA with the National Pesticide Program Partners Award specifically for its efforts in promoting GreenPro. There have been many other opportunities for successful collaboration. In PCOC / SPRING 2010 October, over 210 PCOC members attended PestWorld 2010 in Las Vegas, Nev. This record California attendance returned with extremely positive feedback regarding the quality and value of this fabulous event. But our partnership remains in the “honeymoon phase.” In one year, our board of directors will likely need to weigh a dues increase against the value of our PCOC/NPMA relationship. Greg Augustine and his team on the Joint Membership Task Force are working hard to determine a fair and equitable arrangement, but in order to make an informed decision, I encourage you to engage and participate in the many opportunities NPMA makes available to our membership. If possible, attend the NPMA convention, a regional meeting, or an educational seminar; see what resources they have available and utilize their services. Only then can you truly assess the value in preserving this partnership.

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