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Feature REFLECTING RAPID CHANGE By Drew McKibben ONTARIO’S FEED-IN TARIFF PROGRAM REVIEW THE TWO-YEAR REVIEW OF Ontario’s renewable energy feed-in tariff program affirmed the province’s solar electric supremacy, but microFIT and FIT’s spring relaunch is accompanied by lower PV tariffs, new land-use restrictions and a more complex application process.. At time of printing the industry was still reacting to the Ministry of Energy's Ministerial Directive posted April 4 and the Ontario Power Authority Program draft Rules and Contracts posted April 5. CanSIA was consulting with its FIT Review working groups to gather comments to the OPA draft documents by the deadline April 27, 2012. Readers can find the final submission on CanSIA’s website. Changes to the overall program however were understood at a high level and members of the board took time to give their initial reactions. “For North America, it's a relatively innovative program, and as a result there will always be tweaks and changes,” says CanSIA chair Michelle Chislett, vice-president of solar development for International Power Canada. “While that poses uncertainty, for the most part those tweaks and changes should be welcomed as – hopefully, if done properly – improvements.” 12 • S Lutions Spring/Summer 2012

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President’s Message
About CanSIA
Refl ecting Rapid Change
Planting Seeds for Solar
Safety & Solar
The Municipal Message
Money Well Spent
Powering the North
International Praise
Solar Shines
What CanSIA Does for Your Organization
Solar Calendar

SOLutions - Spring/Summer 2012