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highlightsandhappenings Connecticut Roadbuilders Fall Meeting The CT Roadbuilders Fall Meeting was, as always, well attended, and was an opportunity to honor former CT Speaker of the House Jim Amann with a Legislative Leadership Award for his steadfast efforts to advocate for infrastructure and transportation funding. In addition, the first Arthur Gruhn awards were presented for Excellence in Construction. Art served as CONNDOT’s Transportation Chief Engineer and Bureau Chief from 2002 until his retirement on February 1, 2008. The industry mourned the loss of Art in March 2008. Don Shubert presenting former CT Speaker of the House Jim Amann with a Legislative Leadership Award for his longtime commitment to secure infrastructure and transportation funding. Former CT Speaker of the House Jim Amann with CCIA President and CRBA Executive Secretary Don Shubert. The winning team from O&G Industries, Inc., for the Reconstruction of I-95 in New Haven in the category of “On Time and On Budget.” The winning team from Bourgeois & Shaw for the Avon Mountain Truck Ramp in the category of “Challenging Project.” The winning team from Arborio Corporation in the category of “Innovative Construction Methods” for the Putnam Bridge Deck Repair and Resurfacing Project. CONNDOT’s Mike Lonergan presenting the Arthur Gruhn Excellence in Construction Awards. John Olender, John Olender Corporation, with Butch Stark of Cummins Power Systems. Ed Gilligan, Tilcon CT; John Brunalli, Brunalli Construction; and John Costello, Costello Industries. David Gruhn (Art’s son) with CONNDOT Deputy Commissioner Jim Boice. Joe Arborio, Arborio Corporation with Mike Carbone, Tilcon CT. CONNstruction / Spring 2009 / 39

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CONNstruction - Spring 2009
The Proving Year
AGC’s Building Division – Where the Value Shines Through
A List Worth Checking
In Defense of “Special Interests”
The Vexatious Litigant
Your Industry Association Membership - Now More Than Ever
Executive Summary
CCIA’s Executive Committee and Officers for 2009
CCIA Board of Directors 2009
Association Activities
Education and Training
Legislative-Lobbying and Government Relations
Labor Relations
CCIA Division Officers
CCIA Staff
Plenty of Parking
Building a Foundation
Connecticut Roadbuilders Fall Meeting
UCAC Annual Scholarship Auction
2008 CCIA’s Annual Membership Meeting and Reception
Diggers/Mixers/Fixers Golf Outing
AGC/CT Industry Recognition Awards Dinner
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CONNstruction - Spring 2009