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newsandviews AGC’s Building Division – Where the Value Shines Through The construction industry plays a powerful role in sustaining economic growth, in addition to producing structures that add to productivity and quality of life. The industry provides good paying jobs for 7.2 million people. Construction also makes a large contribution to gross domestic product (GDP), totaling $1.14 trillion or 8.4 percent of GDP in 2007. The building construction market is responsible for a major portion of this economic growth and stability. This was brought home to me again, having just returned from the winter 2009 AGC Building Division Meeting. I am pleased to report that I have once again discovered a treasure trove of “value” within the greater spectrum of AGC. As a national association, AGC has a vast scope of occupational and divisional activities. But the Building Division is one of the best, with its committees, task forces, owner’s group – the PIAC - Private/Public Industry Advisory Council (which has representation from several of America’s largest owners) and contractors from top firms all over the country is an amazing forum for learning and idea exchange. As a bonus, the Building Division is attended by the “who’s who” of the industry. The Division is comprised of the following AGC committees – Contract Documents, Marketing, Industry Liaison, Project Delivery, Construction Leadership Council, the PIAC, the Specialty Contractors Council, the AGC Chapter Liaison Committee, and the BIM Forum. The Contract Documents committee continues their work on ConsensusDOCS. New forms 511 and 750 have been developed and are under review for release early in 2009. A green building addendum is also being developed. A five-year revisions cycle has been adopted. By John B. Farnham CCIA Director of Administration AGC/CT Executive Director Chapters are being encouraged to take more of a leadership role on document sales and need to work in state legislatures to change procurement code language to include ConsensusDOCS. The Project Delivery committee reported that a survey concerning CM at risk legislation in various states is almost complete. A position statement on qualification based selection is being developed. The BIM Forum attracted over 200 participants at the BIM forum meeting – a two-day symposium going on at the Division Meeting. There are over 1,500 individuals participating in the BIM forum nationwide. A revision of the Contractors Guide to BIM document is underway. The next meeting of the BIM forum will be in Dallas in May, 2009. There are seven sub-forums within the BIM forum and they expressed a desire to become more integrated with local chapter activities. The AGC Chapter Executives Leadership Council refined their new ELC strategic plan, which includes a communications initiative, a look at the contractor of the future, and an innovation taskforce to increase collaboration between chapters concerning various service programs. The AGC Chapter Liaison meeting focused on credentialing and certification. The Specialty Contractors Council is writing guidelines related to retention, while the Construction Leadership Council is developing a formalized mentoring program. The central theme for this meeting was the role of technology in reshaping the AEC industry: • Collaboration vs. real integration will change the business design of the future. • Integration across disciplines is where the industry can go to increase productivity and efficiency, leading to mergers. • Contractors will be increasingly motivated to assume design production as an integrated enterprise. • Responsibility and control will merge. • Integrated Enterprise Model vs. IPD. • Costs of long-term investments can be amortized over many projects. • Integrated information sharing platforms would be built within a new integrated enterprise rather than across individual architectural and contracting firms. • The status quo may not prevail as new technologies enable participants to adopt new business models resulting in greater value. I strongly recommend the Building Division for members. Their meetings are content-packed with excellent information shared among a diverse group of participants that creates a high level experience for all. CONNstruction / Spring 2009 / 9

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CONNstruction - Spring 2009