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special feature Executive Summary CCIA Annual At the state level, members worked with the KEEP CT MOVING coalition to sponsor forums and debates with gubernatorial candidates that were well-attended and publicized in the media. The CCIA Board of Directors met with gubernatorial candidates and candidates for Attorney General. To advance the public policy interests of CCIA members, the CCIA Legislative Committee considered several legislative proposals. CCIA successfully supported a reduction of retainage on certain private commercial construction projects, and successfully opposed a last-minute measure that would have extended liability to participants in owner-controlled insurance programs in certain civil actions brought by injured employees to recover damages. To enhance workplace safety, the Safety Committee held monthly meetings and Safety Roundtables that focused on avoiding accidents, responding to catastrophic accidents, and effective strategies for OSHA inspections. OSHA 10-hour construction safety training and CPR/First Aid courses were the mainstay of the CCIA Safety Training seminars. CCIA Safety Committee members led efforts on legislation concerning supplemental refresher training for persons who have completed a 10-hour construction safety training 2010 As 2010 began, the construction industry was on the verge of the worst downturn since the Great Depression. Over the course of the year, with tremendous member participation and support, CCIA established infrastructure investments, jobs, and growing the economy as priority issues during the gubernatorial election cycle. As the year drew to a close, the industry remained caught in the midst of a significant market correction. GovernorElect Malloy focused on infrastructure, jobs, and economic development as part of his efforts to restore the economy and balance the state budget. Membership in CCIA continued to be a vital part of many contractors’ business plans. While adapting to the severe market conditions, CCIA members pooled their talent to enhance workplace safety, train a sustainable workforce, create opportunities for disadvantaged businesses, balance contractual risk between prime contractors and subcontractors, maximize relations between management and trades, comply with a challenging regulatory environment, advocate for industrysupported legislation, and oppose anti-business proposals. On the federal level, members worked to shape public policy. CCIA members participated in several fly-in events facilitated by CCIA divisions and sponsored by various national affiliates and coalitions in Washington, DC. CCIA testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs on the topic of Investing in Infrastructure, Creating Jobs and Growing the Economy. Members of the CCIA Executive Committee, independently and as a group, met with candidates for Congress and Governor. 14 / CONNstruction / Spring 2011 11

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CONNstruction - Spring 2011
Banking on our Future
Innovative Alternative Methods to Finance Infrastructure Projects on the Horizon
Ahead: 2011 Labor Front
Industry Survey Reveals Contractors’ Guarded Outlook for the Future
Executive Summary
2010 Training, Educational Programs and Safety Roundtables
Safety and Training
Legislative and Government Relations
Government and Industry Related Groups
Labor Relations
Member Benefits and Services
2010 Officers and Board of Directors
2010 CCIA Divisions and Activities
Turner Construction Company – Saint Francis Hospital
Loureiro Engineering Associates, Inc. – Wheeler Clinic’s Northwest Village
CCIA Annual Membership Meeting & Holiday Reception
CRBA Fall Dinner Meeting
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CONNstruction - Spring 2011