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agencies to ensure that the prevailing wage rates negotiated for all unions are posted timely and correspond to the negotiated rates. CCIA worked with the statewide construction union leadership to promote fair competition. Steps were taken to support the enforcement of state labor laws to ensure that all contractors were able to compete on a level playing field. In this regard, CCIA participated on Employee Misclassification Advisory Board and the Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board. We have built better relations with practically all unions through steps taken to promote improved working relationships for signatory contractors and the unions. CCIA, in conjunction with the Laborers, amended our CBAs’ Market Recovery provisions to help signatories become more competitive in securing private work. In addition, CCIA is exploring the feasibility of establishing a job targeting program. The Carpenters’ negotiations were completed in April 2010 on behalf of our members who are signatory to the Carpenters Building and Heavy and Highway Agreement. A diligent negotiation team was able to negotiate a one-year agreement. CCIA updated and distributed all newly negotiated collective bargaining agreements. Grievance activity was down in 2010, with only one arbitration case scheduled. This is because our positive relationship with most union representatives encourages early dialogue leading to early resolution of disputes, avoiding the time and expense of processing grievances and attending arbitration hearings. Member Benefits and Services CCIA members rely on CCIA for a full range of customized services and resources to increase their competitive edge and foster the growth of Connecticut’s construction industry. • Federal and state legislative – lobbying and monitoring, plus opportunities for members to interact with federal and state lawmakers. • Representation before federal and state regulatory agencies on issues affecting the construction industry. • Association activities – CCIA and its nine divisions host numerous membership meetings, conferences, awards programs, scholarships, and networking/social events. • Member committees working on safety, EEO, legislation, and specific industry issues. • National industry associations partner with the individual divisions. • Industry promotion and advancement with broad-based coalitions. • Education and training through meetings, seminars and conferences. • Publications, communications and resources that provide information and guidance on a variety of topics in print and on-line versions, such as: Highlights of the Week newsletter, CONNstruction magazine, and Membership Directory and Buyer’s Guide. • Professional staff provides a resource for guidance, assistance, and support. T 860.277.4019 860.529.6855 860.524.7676 464263_CCIAInsurance.indd 1 22 / CONNstruction / Spring 2011 1/25/10 8:50:43 PM

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CONNstruction - Spring 2011
Banking on our Future
Innovative Alternative Methods to Finance Infrastructure Projects on the Horizon
Ahead: 2011 Labor Front
Industry Survey Reveals Contractors’ Guarded Outlook for the Future
Executive Summary
2010 Training, Educational Programs and Safety Roundtables
Safety and Training
Legislative and Government Relations
Government and Industry Related Groups
Labor Relations
Member Benefits and Services
2010 Officers and Board of Directors
2010 CCIA Divisions and Activities
Turner Construction Company – Saint Francis Hospital
Loureiro Engineering Associates, Inc. – Wheeler Clinic’s Northwest Village
CCIA Annual Membership Meeting & Holiday Reception
CRBA Fall Dinner Meeting
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CONNstruction - Spring 2011