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newsandviews A Winning Strategy Over the past year, I had the pleasure of working with the members of the Connecticut Ready Mixed Concrete Association as they attained the Association of the Year honors from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. The experience provided a striking reminder that everything we do in the construction industry is interdependent on someone else. Strong relationships and the ability to work with others were the underlying factors in their success. As I congratulate the members of CRMCA for receiving the award, I also have to extend a thank you to the members and staff of the Connecticut Construction Industries Association, the Associated General Contractors of Connecticut, the Connecticut Road Builders Association, the Greater Hartford Home Builders Association, the representatives of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, and all of the other construction and design organizations that contributed to their success. On the surface, CRMCA’s accomplishment is attributable to organizing and participating in a variety of activities that conducted research; promoted products; educated industry participants; and advocated the position of the concrete industry. Underlying those activities was the tremendous amount of commitment from the members. However, it is important to take a close look at how this group functions. Upon closer examination, it reveals that the key factor in their success is deeper than member participation and organizing great programs. It is their ability to work in diverse groups, and to stay focused on the overall objective, which is building concrete structures that stand out for their high quality. By Donald Shubert CCIA Director of Regulatory Affairs CRBA Executive Secretary CRMCA Executive Director The members directly involved in the association’s success represent all aspects of the ready mixed concrete industry. They are employed by cement suppliers, aggregate suppliers, add mixture suppliers, incidental materials suppliers, concrete producers, contractors, consultants, and inspectors. They understand that, regardless of their own self-interest and their role in production, they have to appreciate each other’s interests if they want to succeed in the long run. The members stay focused on the end result, and understand that it takes a collaborative effort to produce a high quality end product. The members know that their ability to grow their market share is dependent upon the final product. By staying focused on this goal, they innately understand that everyone, directly or indirectly involved in the chain of production of the end product, is an essential part of the overall success. The CRMCA members readily extend this ability to work with others to groups outside of their industry sector. A natural extension of this collaboration results in a strong alliance with the various divisions of the Connecticut Construction Industries Association. This, in turn, maximizes the advantages of having different sectors of the construction industry linked together in close proximity, working together on a regular basis, and sharing resources. In addition to their cooperative efforts with the other industry sectors, CRMCA members attend AGC/CT events. They work with CRBA members on CONNDOT specification revisions. They actively participate in the Construction Career Day program and the KEEP CT MOVING coalition. They contribute to the CCIA publications. And, they support the Diggers Mixers Fixers Golf Outing. Authorities within the construction industry are continuously exploring ways to improve the design and construction process. Academics and professionals are constantly researching alternatives to conventional practices, such as strategies for managing risk, alternative delivery systems, best value environments, integrated project delivery, and accountability through performance measurement. These initiatives serve to improve the process. However, every one of these strategies is only as good as the relationships between the stakeholders in the construction process and their ability to work together. CRMCA’s achievement as National Association of the Year sheds new light on the often-overlooked element of collaboration and brings it to the forefront of completing successful endeavors. CONNstruction / Summer 2008 / 13

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CONNstruction - Summer 2008
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CONNstruction - Summer 2008