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newsandviews Labor relations Working through a unique coalition of union contractors and tradesmen, AGC has gained favorable economic and working conditions. These include reasonable settlements, common holidays, and uniform overtime rates at time-andone-half. Member firms may, if they choose, authorize us to represent them in collective bargaining negotiations. Member information We provide a constant communication pipeline to members through weekly newsletters, labor bulletins and our magazine, CONNstruction. Our newsletters contain timely construction news and the most complete bid and unit price information anywhere. The membership directory is published annually as an up-to-date reference. AGC of Connecticut’s new online newsletter “On Site” covers hot industry issues and allows members the opportunity for feedback on the issues of the day. AGC/CT: Why Belong? Reasons Vary Here at AGC, we have been working hard to seek out, cultivate and recruit qualified firms for membership. As a part of this exercise, we have learned that all prospects have different interests, needs, and attitudes about association membership. When asked why they belong to AGC, most members will list one or more of the services as the primary reason for their continued membership and support. In keeping with our mission, we need to grow and retain the AGC/CT membership to strengthen our role and clout within the industry. AGC’s theme for 2008-2009 is “Profit through Participation!” Here are some of the reasons our members tell about why they belong: Committees When it comes to association membership, there is no truer statement than, “The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.” AGC provides that opportunity through its committee structure. By John B. Farnham CCIA Director of Administration AGC/CT Executive Director Social activities AGC of Connecticut offers many social activities and dinner meetings such as our Annual Recognition Dinner, Building Awards Competition, Annual Meetings, Golf Outings and other special affairs during the year. There also excellent opportunity for involvement on a national level by attending the AGC of America Convention or one of its regular divisional meetings. The relationships made in the AGC are lifelong and only improve with time. Legislative representation Through its staff and professional consultants, AGC provides the information and action needed to introduce favorable legislation and to oppose detrimental bills. The defeat of a False Claims Act and securing the funding for the muchneeded public works projects are two examples of progressive legislation that AGC was intimately involved with. Insurance programs Through our affiliation with the CCIA, AGC members have access to industry insurance groups with coverages that span liability, general business coverages, workers compensations, employee benefits program in health, long and short range disability, long term care, and other coverages as selected by the insureds. These programs help contractors control their insurance costs, and link them to industry forums, consultants, and other direct services which make their association coverages of more value throughout the year. Regulatory reform Regulations affecting the construction industry have tripled in the past 10 years. AGC constantly works to reform or to eliminate unnecessary, burdensome regulations that cost the industry millions of dollars to comply with every year. Safety and educational seminars AGC provides regular opportunities to learn about new trends, processes, and applications. We offer a variety of educational programs on several topics of interest each year. The Safety Committee oversees many safety and loss control programs as well. Learning from other industry professionals is the best way to really understand an issue, and begin benefiting from the many seminars and programs offered throughout the year. Summary Our association is involved across the board in industry coalitions, task forces, commissions, councils, and several other groups so we can stay on top of the issues that affect your everyday business. Our president, Gary Timura, says it best – “Your best opportunity for learning and benefiting from your association membership comes from getting involved.” CONNstruction / Summer 2008 / 9

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CONNstruction - Summer 2008
Going Forward
AGC/CT: Why Belong? Reasons Vary
Is the Glass Regulated Fill or Flowable Fill?
A Winning Strategy
Member Participation Vital to Success of Legislative Efforts
Just Cause...
Winner: Large New Construction Project
Winner: Large Renovation Project
Winner: Small Renovation Project
Winner: First-Time Applicant Award
Second Place Winners
Workshop Provides Education on Pervious Concrete as a Stormwater Solution
Guidelines for Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans Available
2008 Build CT Awards
UCAC at the NUCA Conference
Keep CT Moving Transportation Summit
UCAC’s Spring General Membership Meeting
WorkZone Safety Press Conference
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CONNstruction - Summer 2008