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CONNDOT-CAAPA Paving Conference The 51st Annual CONNDOT-CAAPA Paving Conference continued the long-held tradition of the Department, industry, and municipalities working together to improve the quality of asphalt paving in the state. The program featured opening remarks by Commissioner Joseph Marie, and a series of fine presentations on warm-mix asphalt, binders, and the status of federal transportation funding. As always, the Connecticut HMA Paving Awards program provided a fine display of the commitment that the Department and the industry place on recognizing excellence in the quality of HMA pavement in the state. Senator Lieberman Visit CT Senator Joe Lieberman joined a roundtable discussion at CCIA and reviewed the federal economic stimulus package with CCIA members, Keep CT Moving Coalition members, CONNDOT, FHWA, and labor representatives. Sen. Lieberman talked about Congress’ discussions, specifically the funding formula, (using the SAFETEA-LU model), and the various industries, other than the transportation and infrastructure, such as power distribution and broadband access, that are vying for federal economic stimulus money. The Senator was very receptive to the group’s concerns about when the money would be available to the states, and when projects could begin. With the upcoming reauthorization of SAFETEA-LU this year, Sen. Lieberman suggested another meeting with the group to review the group’s issues and recommendations. Senator Lieberman drew a full house to CCIA. Municipal Award – Town of Guilford. Left to right: Andy Hadfield, Pat Camputaro, Joe Camputaro, Harvey Malbaurn, Jr., and Mike Cholewinski, all of American Industries. AGC/CT’s John Butts with Gary Timura, Downes Construction Co. From CONNDOT were Joe DeMarco, Jim Fallon, and Dan Foley. Award Limited Access – Route 9. Left to right: Dave D’Addio, Costello Industries; Jack Tine, General Supervisor, ConnDOT; Mohammad Tahir, Crewleader, ConnDOT; Ron Cormier, District 1 Maintenance Director, ConnDOT; Chris August, Tilcon, CT; Phil Zoppi, Maintenance Manager, ConnDOT; and Sherri Ruiz-Clark, Maintenance Planning Manager, ConnDOT. Jim Manafort, Manafort Brothers, Inc., and Ciaran Brennan, Tilcon CT Inc. Gary Wall, Tilcon CT Inc.; Chris Hamilton, CT Paving; and Ric Suzio, Suzio York Hill. Award Unlimited Access – Route 190. Left to right: Camilo Cunha, Galasso; Beth Lane, Maintenance Planner, ConnDOT; Dave D’Addio, Costello Industries; Richard Reagan, Maintenance Manager, ConnDOT; Ron Cormier, District 1 Maintenance Director, ConnDOT; Jamie Willis, General Supervisor, ConnDOT; Sherri Ruiz-Clark, Maintenance Planning Manager, ConnDOT; Paul Williamson, Crewleader, ConnDOT; and Mike Gaudio, Galasso Materials. Glenn Marshall, Carpenters Local 210 President; Ben Cozzi, Operating Engineers Local 478 and CT State Building and Construction Trades Council President; and John Olsen CT AFL-CIO President. CONNstruction / Summer 2009 / 37

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CONNstruction - Summer 2009
Adapting to Change
The Future will be Lean and Green
Think Regionally, Act Regionally
Demanding Notice and an Opportunity to Be Heard When a State Agency Changes its Rules: A Call for Democracy
U.S. Supreme Court Expands Employee Protection Against Retaliation
ConsensusDOCS™: Dare to Change
Reauthorization of Federal SAFETEA-LU
Get on the Bus: LiUNA
Get on the Bus: LiUNA
Economic Downturn Gives Owners Time for Business Exit Strategy Planning
AGC/CT Annual Meeting
CONNDOT-CAAPA Paving Conference
Senator Lieberman Visit
UCAC’s Spring General Membership Meeting
Local 478 Education Trust Dinner
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CONNstruction - Summer 2009