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The Connecticut Road Builders Association Spring Dinner Meeting The Connecticut Road Builders Association Spring Dinner Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at the Aqua Turf Club – Kay’s Pier South. The meeting featured a program on Contract C-26002, Second Avenue Subway Project, New York City, presented by Alaeden Jlelaty, Project Manager, Skanska USA Civil, Northeast, Inc. The event was sponsored by O&G Industries, Inc. Ed Gilligan, John Gemetro, and Mike Carbone talking about the good old days. Guest speaker Alaeden Jlelaty shares a laugh with Lou Cocozza. Ed Wright of Fay & Wright Excavating, with his guests Mitch and Charlie take a moment to enjoy their meal during the reception/ dinner portion of the evening. Blakeslee Arpaia Chapman, Inc. reserved a table for the whole gang to come out for an evening. Alaeden shares a fascinating project, to a full house of spectators, about the underground work involved in building a New York subway. John M. and John A. Brunalli spend a few minutes with Alaeden after the presentation. Ric Suzio, shares a good story with Joe Arborio, George Hird, and Pete Arborio. Labor Commissioner Glenn Marshall is joined by former pals from the Carpenters Union. Support is our strength Fabricating & Erecting For the genuine article, always insist on EJP. Plenty of imposters have tried to imitate EJP—but not one has matched our commitment to service 24/7/365, or our track record of doing whatever it takes to serve our customers. No one else has made the investment in the technology, inventory and infrastructure needed to serve today’s market. And no one has assembled a team with more integrity and expertise than TEAM EJP. There’s no substitute for genuine EJP. United Steel, Inc. is the largest fabricator and erector of structural and miscellaneous metals in Southern New England. Having both a high-tech fabricating facility and skilled erecting crews makes us uniquely qualified to support your needs for cost, quality, and on-time delivery. O TT .C O M 1- 00 THE EXPERTS -EJ P-24HR 540938_Everett.indd 1 28 / CONNstruction / Fall 2011 EJPRE SC 8 1-800-EJP-24HR Certified for simple bridges and complex structures, certified erectors. WAT E R , S E W E R , D R A I N & S T O R M WAT E R S O L U T I O N S 164 School Street East Hartford, CT 06108 Tel. 860-289-2323 Fax 860-289-6350 860-289-2908 7/20/11 8:27:51 PM 513063_UnitedSteel.indd 1 2/17/11 8:48:55 AM http://8602892323

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Riding on Private Investments
Clean Water Fund Helps Create Infrastructure Jobs and Grow the State’s Economy
Public PLAs – Good or Bad?
Bioscience Connecticut Initiative: A Timely Investment
Shovel ready
Aiding economic growth
Wearing two hats
Jammed roadways and full trains
Major transportation initiatives in Connecticut
The Young Contractors Forum Summer Meeting
Associated General Contractors of Connecticut Annual Golf Outing
Connecticut Environmental and Utilities Contractors Association Spring Luncheon Meeting
The Connecticut Road Builders Association Spring Dinner Meeting
Connecticut Ready Mixed Concrete Association Annual Meeting
CTASLA/CCPC Pervious Concrete Workshop
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CONNstruction - Fall 2011