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newsandviews First Impressions By John W. Butts Assistant Executive Director Associated General Contractors of Connecticut My first day at AGC as the new assistant executive director was a bright, warm July morning. I pulled in to the CCIA parking lot in Wethersfield just in time to hear executive director John Farnham roar in right behind me to the parking lot in a bright red Ferrarri F430 Spyder. Beaming from ear to ear, he cried “Welcome to your new job!” over the rumble of the idling engine. Welcome, indeed. I was soon to learn that John’s possession of the sports car was all too fleeting, as he was due to turn it back in later that morning, having won a weekend with it at the AGC Golf Tournament the previous Friday. Nevertheless, as first impressions go, that one will certainly be lasting. The announcements surrounding my hiring proclaimed that I’m new to AGC of Connecticut, but not new to AGC. For the last 16 years, I served as the executive director of the AGC chapter in Maine, and in that capacity, I grew to know and appreciate AGC members for their incredible work ethic, business sense, and downto-earth, get-the-job-done attitudes. It’s the same in Connecticut, as well. For the last 16 years, I served as the executive director Although many aspects of the Maine of the AGC chapter in Maine, and in that capacity, I and Connecticut construction margrew to know and appreciate AGC members for their kets are vastly different, AGC members possess the same inimitable incredible work ethic, business sense, and down-toquality wherever you go – a com- earth, get-the-job-done attitudes. mitment to skill, responsibility, and In retrospect, my first three months with CCIA integrity. and AGC of Connecticut have flown by as fast as that In my new capacity, I am presently focusing on two Ferrarri. I’m grateful for the courtesy and hospitality that areas: 1. getting to know our members and understand I’ve received from AGC and CCIA members and the opthe construction market here in Connecticut and 2. coorportunity to serve the best in the business. There really dinating AGC/CT’s membership development program. is something to that new AGC of America motto – Quality An important part of representing the construction inPeople, Quality Projects. dustry is taking the time to visit contractors as they exist in their own environments – in their offices and on their projects. Since mid-summer, I have visited more than 20 AGC members at their places of business, an exercise that has afforded me an indispensable opportunity to acquaint myself directly with our members. I learn so much from these visits – how their businesses began, the challenges and opportunities they faced as they grew, how they are currently adapting to internal and external forces that shape the industry. We, at AGC and CCIA, need to understand these constantly changing dynamics if we are to knowledgably represent our members with owners, legislators, and the public, particularly in the challenging economic times in which we live. Growing and retaining membership in any organization requires persistence and constant reminders that what the organization is doing produces worth to members. The collective resources that AGC and CCIA bring to the table give Connecticut construction firms an incredible value for their money – four full-time professional advocates at the state Capitol promoting and defending the construction industry’s interests, a professional staff with experience and know-how in government relations, labor relations, and the maze of regulatory and safety issues that regularly affect construction firms. Something I observed within days of my arrival is the professionalism and dedication by which AGC and CCIA staff approach their responsibility to communicate upto-date and relevant information to its members. I have been truly impressed by the pride and attention to detail that is devoted every week by the CCIA and AGC staff to the email publication Highlights, which goes out to every member without fail every Friday. Not only Highlights but all CCIA and AGC publications contain solid, newsworthy information that Connecticut contractors need to stay ahead of the game. The value of membership is contained in each and every edition. CONNstruction / Winter 2008 / 17

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CONNstruction - Winter 2008
The Next Phase of Contracting Reform
A Return to Trust – Partnering
Building Our Future and Theirs
New “Green Buildings” Law Presents Opportunities and Challenges
Internet Searches and Job Applicants
First Impressions
ConnDOT Hosts the Nation’s Transportation Officials
Reducing our Environmental Footprint
Connecticut Apprenticeship Program Handles Industry Changes and Demands for New Workers
2008 Construction Career Days Program
Contractors Must Become More Diligent During Workers’ Compensation Rate Decline
UCAC General Membership Meeting/Lifetime Achievement Award
John “Jack” Costello Memorial Scholarship
Marvin Morganbesser’s Retirement Dinner
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CONNstruction - Winter 2008