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Feature NEW BUS GARAGES FROM COAST TO COAST WHILE THE LAUNCH OF a new bus route or the opening of a new rapid transit line grabs the headlines, other crucial behind-the-scenes investments are required to expand and improve public transit. Canadian transit systems are currently in the midst of a major building boom as new bus maintenance facilities are being designed and constructed across the country. In most cases, the new garages are required in order to meet increasing demand for transit service. Edmonton Edmonton Transit System (ETS) is designing a new garage to house a growing fleet. The new garage will be called the Centennial Garage in honour of ETS’s 100th Anniversary, which was celebrated in 2008. The garage will have storage space for 250 buses, light maintenance facilities with 21 bus hoists, and office space for immediate operational staff. The garage will have several innovative features, some of which are unique to Edmonton’s climate conditions. The indoor bus storage area will be designed to naturally ventilate bus exhaust fumes. At the bus entrance doors, pressure spray washers will remove debris and snow from under the bus, reducing water drainage demands in the garage. Still under review is an option to supplement cooling in the bus storage area using an adjacent snow dump as a cooling source. The building is being designed to a LEED Silver standard. Total space of the building and support structures will be 29,300 m2. The building is being designed by Morrison Hershfield Limited. The total expected cost is $100 million. Funding is mostly from Alberta’s Provincial Municipal Sustainable Infrastructure Fund, with some City of Edmonton funds as well. The garage is scheduled to go into operation for April 2010. Brampton Brampton Transit in Ontario opened its new bus garage in May 2008, a facility that was needed to relieve overcrowding at the agency’s other bus garage. The 27,600 m2 facility is designed to accommodate 200 buses, and includes 11 bus hoists, five bus repair bays, three wash bays, and specialized service space for maintenance of new technologies, including articulated buses and hybrid buses. The site also includes a control centre, transit call centre, and a fitness facility for employees. The complex has been designed to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. Computer control of the building services allows lights to be turned off during non-functional time periods, and precise control of the heating and cooling system to maximize energy savings. Skylights and wall glass have been incorporated into high-use areas of the building to utilize natural light as much as possible. Waste water from the bus wash, degrease bay, repair garage and storage areas is drained into large oil, sand and water separators prior to going into the main sewer system. The separa- The Brampton Transit facility in Sandalwood was needed to relieve overcrowding at the other bus garage. 10 April | avril 2009

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Canadian Transit Forum - April 2009
Message from the President – Rehabilitation and Renewal
Message du président – Renouvellement et remise en état
New Bus Garages from Coast to Coast
What is LEED Certification?
Nouveaux garages pour les autobus à l’échelle du pays
Qu’est-ce que la certification LEED?
Toronto’s Transit City Light Rail Plan
Plan de Transit City pour un train léger sur rail à Toronto
The Advocacy File – Meetings in Ottawa Set to Strengthen Commitment to Public Transit
Le dossier de la sensibilisation – Réunions à Ottawa pour renforcer l’engagement en faveur du transport collectif
Les gens du transport
People in Transit
Industry News
Des nouvelles de l’industrie
Trade List & Buyers’ Guide
Index commercial et guide des acheteurs

Canadian Transit Forum - April 2009 / avril 2009