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Feature TORONTO’S TRANSIT CITY LIGHT RAIL PLAN ONE OF CANADA’S MOST ambitious transit expansion projects is Toronto’s Transit City Light Rail Plan, which calls for the construction of seven new light rail lines that would expand rail rapid transit to many parts of Toronto. Unveiled in early 2007, the Transit City plan is strongly endorsed by the TTC and the City of Toronto, and implementation of the plan is one of the City’s top priorities. The fundamental concept behind the Transit City Light Rail plan is to build accessible light rail lines, primarily in the median of existing arterial roads, which would greatly improve the quality and quantity of transit service while encouraging transit-supportive development. The City of Toronto adopted a new Official Plan in 2002 that calls for intensive development along major corridors, and the Transit City is designed to complement this plan. Transit City’s new Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) would carry passengers in their own dedicated transit lanes. The smooth, fast, and quiet doubleended LRVs would feature easy step-free access from wide, sheltered boarding platforms. Transit City routes would be fully accessible, so that people with all levels of mobility can use the service. All-door boarding and proof of payment fare collection would be used, speeding up the service. Inside, the LRVs would have a bright, contemporary feel, with air conditioning, large windows, comfortable seats, and lots of standing space and hand holds. A key goal is to ensure that the new LRT service would be reliable. Service won’t be affected by traffi c delays, because the LRVs and their passengers would be in their own reserved transit lanes. Traffic signals would give priority to transit riders. Stops would normally be 400 to 500 metres apart, closer than LRT operations in other cities, but farther apart than the bus service that it would replace. The Transit City routes have been selected to serve existing busy bus or streetcar corridors where they would replace the existing service; Transit City’s new Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) would carry passengers in their own dedicated transit lanes. canadian transit forum | forum canadien sur le transport collectif 17

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Canadian Transit Forum - April 2009
Message from the President – Rehabilitation and Renewal
Message du président – Renouvellement et remise en état
New Bus Garages from Coast to Coast
What is LEED Certification?
Nouveaux garages pour les autobus à l’échelle du pays
Qu’est-ce que la certification LEED?
Toronto’s Transit City Light Rail Plan
Plan de Transit City pour un train léger sur rail à Toronto
The Advocacy File – Meetings in Ottawa Set to Strengthen Commitment to Public Transit
Le dossier de la sensibilisation – Réunions à Ottawa pour renforcer l’engagement en faveur du transport collectif
Les gens du transport
People in Transit
Industry News
Des nouvelles de l’industrie
Trade List & Buyers’ Guide
Index commercial et guide des acheteurs

Canadian Transit Forum - April 2009 / avril 2009