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Feature CHANGE IN THE FACE OF SUCCESS IN THE WORLD OF public transit, OC Transpo’s drive to transform itself is well understood. As with any enterprise, new initiatives and continuous improvement to existing systems are vital to long-term sustainability and financial stability. Our customers change, technology changes, and so must our service. only as a means to move people throughout the city, but as an economic driver, creating an environmentally friendly community attractive to residents and businesses. The City of Ottawa is investing in change, not only in infrastructure, planning and community development, but more importantly, it is investing in the culture of quality performance and service excellence. A Vision for Change The first transit system in the City of Ottawa consisted of 10 small horse-drawn streetcars, 15 sleighs and 12 omnibuses. One hundred and forty-four years later, OC Transpo carries 100 million passengers a year, with an outstanding trip rate per capita of 120 per year. The backbone of the network is the Transitway, the world-renowned Bus Rapid Transit pioneer application that celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 2008. OC Transpo carries 370,000 passengers a day with a fleet of more than 1,000 buses. Today, the Transitway extends over 31 kilometres and is still growing. Over the next two decades, Ottawa’s population is expected to grow to 1.1 million residents. In 2005, it became clear that surpassing the “million people mark” meant the city’s leaders needed to take a hard look at what kind of city Ottawa wanted to become. The Transportation Master Plan, part of the Ottawa 20/20 growth management strategy, highlights the new direction for Ottawa: developing and maintaining an environmentally and economically sustainable community that integrates public transit in the everyday lives of its residents. Since its inception, the Transitway system has been developed to link the edges of the high-density downtown core with suburban areas, leaving the construction of a grade-separated transit facility through downtown until it was needed. That time is now. The on-street Transitway through downtown is at its limit for bus operation. Ridership increases can only be accommodated by assigning higher-capacity buses instead of by increasing frequency. Enter the superior alternative: Light Rail Transit. The City of Ottawa is now focused on the multibillion dollar conversion of the central section of the Transitway into a 12.5-km Light Rail Transit line, featuring 3.2-km twin tunnels. Light rail will reduce New Flyer Hybrid diesel-electric bus at Billings Bridge Station. The Transitway near Westboro Station. With an increased focus on the Customer Experience, OC Transpo is taking customer service excellence to new heights. From “I think I’ll take transit,” to “I think I’ll take transit again,” our customers make rational and intuitive choices that govern how and when they will travel around the city. Affordable, reliable, convenient, consistent, ontime service in a clean and safe transit system that is easy to use and understand guarantees that satisfied customers will keep coming back. The City of Ottawa and its civic leaders have recognized the need to invest in public transit, not 14 June | juin 2010

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Canadian Transit Forum - June 2010
Message du président – Un enjeu qui se chiffre en milliards de dollars
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Canadian Transit Forum - June 2010 / juin 2010