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INVENTOR’S CORNER BY NICOLE HAIT t Welcome the Winds of Change There is something exciting about the start of another new year. Countless resolutions are made, and with that come the winds of change. For some, it is about examining how we’ll change our outlook on the future or how we’ll better manage our money. And for others, it’s a promise to ourselves that we’ll make it to the gym – more than once a month. However, for an inventor, it brings the hope that maybe this is the year a company will take interest in his new product. and when they can’t find the right products to do the trick, they invent their own. You won’t find better market research than inventors. If they have thought up the ideas, chances are there is a need in the marketplace. Need to take a cat nap without the fear of sleeping the day away? There’s an invention for that – it’s called The Napper. Can’t fit in your daily workout and a full day at the office? The Sit Fit enables you to get a low-aerobic workout while you sit at your desk. But wait – there’s more! Everyone is “going green” these days, including inventors. How about an absorbent, disposable pad that soaks up the leftover cooking grease from the pan? That’s the AbsorbEase. These types of inventions may be just what your DRTV campaigns need to jumpstart sales for 2012. However, if the AbsorbEase isn’t for you, there are thousands of inventors out there with interesting products that can help meet your company’s goals. Finding inventors and entrepreneurs for your next DRTV campaign may be easier than you think. INPEX, held every June, is the largest trade show for inventors in the United States, featuring 300 inventors from around the world. For the past three years, InventHelp and INPEX have partnered with ERA to revive the New Product Showcase on the Show Floor at the annual D2C convention. So, as you begin the New Year and plan those weekly trips to the gym, I hope you’ll also add “Work with inventors” to your to-do list for 2012. Nicole Hait is the director of INPEX (www.inpex.com) and the director of corporate communications for InventHelp (www.inventhelp.com). INPEX is America’s largest Invention Trade Show. InventHelp is America’s largest inventor submission company. Nicole can be reached at 888-54INPEX or nhait@inpex.com. A Long Road For many, inventing a product is a long and uncertain road filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. Thinking up the idea is the easy part. For most inventors, it’s what comes after the idea that is the hard part. The reality: There isn’t a road map for inventors. It’s a trial and error process that can typically take years to explore. While there are thousands of inventors out there with new ideas and products, only a small percentage actually see their ideas make it to the store shelves or into DRTV campaigns. One thing is certain: Inventors are passionate about their ideas and will not rest until those ideas make it into the hands of decision makers. Enter ERA Members As a member of ERA or a player in the DR industry, you may be asking yourself, “Where do I fit in this inventor matrix?” The answer is simple: You are the decision makers. You are the gatekeepers who could potentially hold the keys to the next successful DRTV product, the next Snuggie or Total Gym. Fresh products keep this industry rolling, and without your willingness to embrace independent inventors, progress could come to a screeching halt. Trends for 2012 One thing to remember: Inventors are consumers. They comb the store shelves looking for solutions to problems, One thing to remember: Inventors are consumers. They comb the store shelves looking for solutions to problems, and when they can’t find the right products to do the trick, they invent their own. 39 January 2012 | electronicRETAILER http://www.inpex.com http://www.inventhelp.com http://www.electronicretailermag.com

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