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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT The following companies are members of the Electronic Retailing Association and have been chosen to be spotlighted this month. Read on to better understand the different types of companies that comprise this vibrant, fast-paced, growing industry. most efficient way to manage and grow your business with the network of members, events and information. You have to be able to manage your business on a dime and ERA helps us do that.” – Marina Randolph, Executive Vice President, Direct Who: Who: What: TVGoods is a direct response marketing company that identifies, develops, markets and distributes consumer products. TVGoods offers a turnkey solution enabling entrepreneurs to introduce products to the consumer market. The company’s strategy employs three primary channels: direct response television, which includes both short-form and longform spots; television shopping networks, such as HSN and QVC; and retail outlets, including brick and mortar, internet, catalog and print media. In addition, TVGoods recently acquired AsSeenOnTV.com, the premier online destination of As Seen On TV products. Where: Clearwater, Fla. Web: www.tvgoodsinc.com and www.asseenontv.com Why ERA: “ERA has done an amazing job as a catalyst to get the companies and individuals that drive our industry together. I can’t begin to quantify the sales and success that it brings TVGoods and all of our subsidiaries, but I know that the industry would not be as successful without it.” – Steve Rogai, CEO Who: What: With more than 20 years of international business experience launching, building and managing new global markets, Alberto Bottene is recognized for his ability to smoothly navigate through complex international environments to move business forward with impressive results. Alberto is now focusing his vision, leadership and execution skills to build direct response marketing firm Estrela Direct Inc. with worldwide sales of beauty, fitness and motivational products. Armed with exceptional experience in international direct response marketing, plus a strong network of industry and business contacts, Alberto plans to maximize the lifetime value of his customers. Where: Manhattan Beach, Calif. Why ERA:  “One of the many benefits of ERA has been its ability to create a forum where all involved in this industry can network, share ideas and do business with like-minded people and companies who understand and appreciate the fascinating world of direct response. ERA provides that platform better than any other organization. It truly has become an international association embracing all markets involved in direct response.” – Alberto Bottene, President What: Murad’s clinically-proven, high-performance products make you look healthier and more youthful in a way no other brand can. The unmatched benefits, ease of use and high performance ingredients of Murad’s products have transformed the lives of millions of users across the globe and are guaranteed to deliver the flawless, healthy skin known the world over as the “Murad Glow.” As America’s original, bestselling, authentic doctor-developed brand, Murad remains true to the scientific principles of its founder, world-renowned dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad. Through breakthrough products and lifestyle programs, Murad is transforming skincare by delivering beauty through health. Where: El Segundo, Calif. Web: www.murad.com Why ERA: “Murad is a member of the ERA because it is THE association for true direct response marketers. It is the Who: What: With the advancement of technology, PowerPay Direct has distinguished itself as an agile, competent performer and a leader in the fast-paced direct response industry. Founded in 2003, PowerPay Direct has already become one of the nation’s fastest growing, most trusted providers of credit card processing and electronic payment services currently supporting more than 50,000 businesses of virtually every type and size. When it comes to experience with the direct response industry, no organization understands the card-not-present payment environment better than PowerPay Direct. Whether January 2012 | electronicRETAILER 43 http://www.tvgoodsinc.com http://www.AsSeenOnTV.com http://www.tvgoodsinc.com http://www.asseenontv.com http://www.murad.com http://www.powerpaydirect.biz http://www.murad.com http://www.electronicretailermag.com

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