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YOUR ASSOCIATION, YOUR BOTTOM LINE BY JULIE COONS w 8 Putting Our Best Foot Forward highlighting ways to enhance your success in the diverse Chinese marketplace. Most importantly, you’ll have an opportunity to hear from experts about the ins and outs of IP protection, counterfeit activity and how to protect your brand. While advocacy will be a key topic during the Hong Kong event, let us not forget that ERA continues to make strides by implementing its strategic plan back in Washington. Updates to key legal issues include: • Streamlined Sales Tax (SSTP) – Prior to the August 2011 recess, Senator Durbin (D-IL) and Representative Conyers (D-MI) introduced SSTP legislation; while at the beginning of October, Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) and Congressman Steve Womack (R-AK) dropped the similar, but mislabeled, “e-fairness proposal.” This collective activity has generated significant press with various reporters reaching out to ERA for comment. However, as a practical matter, there are still significant barriers for these pieces of legislation to gain traction during this Congress. We will continue our work that has helped keep these and other similar proposals bottled up in their initial introduction phases. • Behavioral Advertising/Privacy - On a regular basis, the debate over behavioral advertising and privacy continues to flare dependent upon legislative activity and associated press coverage. ERA maintains its backing of the OBA self-regulatory initiative as it improves its visibility. • Counterfeit - ERA remains committed to its work toward improving its ability to advocate for the industry with relationship to the counterfeiting issue. ERA continues to offer auxiliary support and assistance for its members, exploring the creation of a counterfeit coalition as discussed at the CEO Summit during the 2011 ERA D2C Convention in Las Vegas. As you can see, we have a full agenda for 2012 that is focused on putting our best foot forward by ensuring your success in the New Year! With the holiday season behind us, the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) is gearing up for what is sure to be an interesting year for our industry – both on the business front and political front, given the economy and an upcoming presidential election. That’s why we intend to put our best foot forward by concentrating our efforts on the key areas most important to our members and the industry at large: building membership value through networking opportunities and protecting our industry’s business interests through advocacy. If you’re planning your business travel for the first part of the year, be sure to add the following ERA events to your calendar: • Los Angeles Networking Reception – On January 18, join ERA staff at the Los Angeles Athletic Club for an evening of cocktails and good conversation with your fellow ERA members and industry thought leaders. • The Great Ideas Summit 2012 – This highly charged mid-winter conference, which takes place February 27-29, marks our return to Miami Beach. Although New Orleans has served as an ideal destination for our event these past two years, we realize our members miss South Beach. ERA is pulling out all the stops, beginning with a spectacular venue: the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Here, you’ll have an opportunity to cultivate and exchange great ideas at C-level in a relaxing and luxurious setting. What’s more, ERA will provide attendees with easier access to the various conference offerings by positioning them all under one roof. That means the Expo Zone, Meet & Greet Lounge, Business Club and Learning Lounge will be located in one ballroom and in close proximity. • ERA Hong Kong Seminar – If you’re looking to build business in Asia in 2012, then join us on April 20 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. This one-day event will be held in conjunction with the Hong Kong Houseware Fair and will feature high-powered networking with special guests, international business opportunities and panel presentations That’s why we intend to put our best foot forward by concentrating our efforts on the key areas most important to our members and the industry at large: building membership value through networking opportunities and protecting our industry’s business interests through advocacy. electronicRETAILER | January 2012 http://www.electronicretailermag.com

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