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DR Disruption Social and Over-the-Top television are revolutionizing the way people view and interact with content across platforms and networks. Direct marketers must learn these new trends if they hope to survive TV’s brave new world. BY SARAH SAIN in today’s evolving television landscape. Social television and Over-the-Top (OTT) TV are relatively new trends that could have lasting implications for how the DR industry markets products. But what exactly are social and OTT television, and why should DR marketers pay close attention to these new technologies? REVShare CEO Brendan Condon, Direct Impact Group President Andrew Gordon and Interactive Television Alliance President Ben Mendelson recently sat down with Electronic Retailer to discuss these trends and explain what they could mean for TV viewers and direct marketers. a 28 Ask any five people how they most often watch television, and you’re likely to get five different answers. One person pays for and watches traditional cable at home, while another subscribes to Netflix and watches over his Xbox. A third person views Hulu Plus over a streaming player connected to his flatscreen, and a fourth buys shows over iTunes to view on her iPad. Finally, the last person uses her laptop to see full episodes online. As new trends and technologies emerge, consumers are changing the way they view and interact with content across a range of platforms. Gone are the days when the family gathered around the one household TV to watch a live program in primetime. Today’s viewers want to watch their favorite shows when they want, where they want and how they want. Content providers, advertisers and direct marketer must learn to connect with viewers across a variety of touch points if they hope to survive and thrive What are Social and OTT TV? Traditional television was created to be a social experience, Gordon says. When TVs were introduced in major cities, some of the first sets were located in bars so crowds of people could watch sporting events. When television sets made their ways into individual DR Disruption – What You Need to Know About Social and Over-the-Top TV Join ERA President and CEO Julie Coons at 4 p.m. Tuesday, February 28 at The Great Ideas Summit 2012 as she moderates the Keynote Presentation with leading experts Brendan Condon of REVShare, Andrew Gordon of Direct Impact Group and Ben Mendelson of the Interactive Television Alliance. The panel will examine social television and over-the-top TV and how marketers can leverage these evolving technologies to not only take their marketing to a higher level, but also to broaden their audience reach. electronicRETAILER | February 2012 http://www.electronicretailermag.com

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Electronic Retailer - February 2012