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Thinking Out s 24 UPS Chief Strategy, Sales and Marketing Officer Alan Gershenhorn on elevating the customer experience and streamlining shipping and logistics services around the globe. BY VITISIA PAYNICH PHOTOS BY ANN STATES continues to streamline shipping and logistics across global markets. Since its inception in 1907, UPS has prided itself on its ability to constantly innovate while initiating new ways to enhance the customer experience. Whether pushing technological boundaries to make shipping and logistics more efficient or surveying consumers to understand their service needs better, the company believes in remaining at the forefront of all of that. Yet, UPS is more than a company that merely ships packages. It’s also a leading provider of retail solutions for both traditional e-tailers and brick-and-mortar retailers operating an e-commerce business. “In addition to our broad array of shipping services, we have technology that benefits the retailers and consumers by addressing some of the most critical components of online selling and shopping. It’s really about helping our retailers provide end-to-end solutions for their e-tailing consumers,” says Alan Gershenhorn, chief strategy, sales and marketing officer at UPS in Atlanta, Ga. Gershenhorn helps to drive revenue growth by spearheading product development and customer technology marketing. He is also tasked with industry-segment marketing, which includes the brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce sectors for domestic and international business. Electronic Retailer sat down with the executive to learn how e-tailers can leverage UPS products and services to attract online shoppers and how UPS UPS by the Numbers United Parcel Service – now known as UPS – has been supplying the needs of consumers and businesses of all sizes for nearly 105 years. Today, this $53.1 billion company serves more than 8.8 million customers and boasts an impressive global presence, covering more than 220 countries and territories. Last year, UPS’ package operations alone generated $44 billion in revenue, with a 2011 global delivery volume of 4 billion packages and documents. The company’s supply chain and freight business netted $9.1 billion in 2011. Whether in the air or on the ground, UPS remains one of the most recognized brands in the world, with 1,860 operating facilities and a sizeable fleet of delivery vehicles and aircraft. U.S. air hubs include its main global hub in Louisville, Ky., along with five supporting air hubs across the country. Internationally, UPS features an air hub in Cologne, Germany; Ontario, Canada; as well as Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong in Asia. In addition, the company has an international hub in Miami, Fla., to support Latin America and the Caribbean operations. Leveraging Products and Resources Yet, UPS recognizes that in order to stay competitive in the marketplace, the company must continue to develop ways to service customers better by developing new products that help facilitate Alan Gershenhorn helps UPS drive revenue growth electronicRETAILER | June 2012 http://www.naylornetwork.com/era-nxt/

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