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INVENTOR’S CORNER BY NICOLE HAIT a Wow Factor 38 2012 ERA D2C Convention: Innovation at Work! As a direct marketer, you most likely wear many different hats and have a very long to-do list. Produce a new campaign: check. Buy advertising time: check. Scout for new products … not so easy. The process of trying to find products that will appeal to the masses and provide you with a successful campaign takes time and, well, let’s face it, you have to know where to look. Enter the New Product Showcase The InventHelp-INPEX New Product Showcase is the place to be at the annual ERA D2C Convention in Las Vegas. For direct marketers, the showcase gives you the opportunity to get a “first look” at new products and inventions. For inventors who are interested in breaking into the DRTV industry, I can’t think of a better place to be than a show that brings nearly 4,000 decision-makers together, under one roof. Leonard Mangalindan, inventor of Power Press, took home the Inventor of the Year award at the 2011 ERA D2C Convention. Calling All Inventors Here at InventHelp and INPEX, we work for months with the help of ERA to find inventors who have appropriate products for the Showcase. With only 37 exhibit spaces available, a vetting process is in place to ensure that we are selecting inventors who will be of interest to ERA members in September. There are two ways to be qualified to exhibit in the showcase. For the past eight years, members of ERA have volunteered their time to travel to INPEX, the largest invention trade show in the United States, to meet one-on-one with inventors and qualify them for the showcase. While this process is efficient and useful for qualifying inventors, it’s not the only way to be qualified. An inventor can fill out a qualification form, which is then forwarded to the volunteer team that vets the products. are factored in when the volunteer panel decides whether a product is a good fit for the showcase. One thing I always tell inventors to keep in mind: If your product is not accepted for the showcase, do not be disappointed or give up on your idea. Just because a product isn’t right for the DRTV industry, doesn’t mean it’s not a great product. It just might be better suited for a different audience. What’s in it for Me? At D2C, inventors in the New Product Showcase not only have the opportunity to display their inventions, but they also get to present their products on the Show Floor to an expert panel of judges. This panel’s job is to crown the Inventor of the Year. The lucky inventor who takes home the award also takes home a plaque and two tickets to the Moxie Awards. For ERA members, the New Product Showcase is a great way for you to view the latest inventions and new products that have yet to hit the airwaves or store shelves. So, back to that to-do list. Visit the New Product Showcase and look for hot new products: check! If you are an ERA member and would like to volunteer to qualify inventors or you’re an inventor who would like to be qualified to exhibit at the 2012 ERA D2C Convention, email me at nhait@inpex.com. Nicole Hait is the director of INPEX (www.inpex.com) and the director of corporate communications for InventHelp (www. inventhelp.com). INPEX is America’s largest Invention Trade Show. InventHelp is America’s largest inventor submission company. Nicole can be reached at 888-54-INPEX or nhait@inpex.com. To qualify to exhibit in the New Product Showcase, there are a few questions that you have to ask yourself about your new product or invention: Is my product easy to use? Does my product have mass appeal? What’s the product’s wow factor? You need to know that the “wow factor” is very important when trying to sell a product on television. Your product has to be dynamic enough to make consumers not only stand up and take notice, but stand up and pick up the phone to purchase. More importantly, what is the price point, or, if you haven’t manufactured the product yet, what do you anticipate the price point to be once it is made? All of these questions For ERA members, the New Product Showcase is a great way for you to view the latest inventions and new products that have yet to hit the airwaves or store shelves. electronicRETAILER | July 2012 http://www.inpex.com http://www.inventhelp.com http://www.naylornetwork.com/era-nxt

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