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BRUNNSTROM RESIDENCE, vero beach CLEMENS BRUNS SCHAUB ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES, P.A., windsor North elevation. All photos by The Associates Studio, LLC. “In the current energy-efficient environment, the greatest efficiencies lie in living in the  open air.” — Clemens Bruns Schaub, AIA Before focusing on alternative energies, the greatest benefit designers can bring to the built environment is energy efficiency. The “green” movement is a time for architects to shine because Florida’s climate offers huge opportunities to create outdoor living spaces that minimize energy use while maximizing climate connections to light, air, sound and smell. These, according to Clem Schab, “are climatic memories.” This design philosophy meshed perfectly with its London-based client, a family seeking a tropical haven. In the design of this residence, the firm sought to reverse the indoor/outdoor proportions and as such, well over half the below-roof area is not air-conditioned. The home has no indoor hallways or stairways. Outdoor galleries and stairs lead to bedrooms and the living room, dining room, pavilion and family room are all open air. The entry hall and stair occupy a central vertical space linking the outdoor living area with a family lounge. These spaces are “air-conditioned” by natural ventilation using an impluvium in the central focal axis. Operable wooden 14 jalousies control and direct air flow. Outwardly, the building suggests an historical tropical prototype that is combined with contemporary detailing. The house has 3,856 square feet of airconditioned space and 5,923 square feet of unconditioned/covered space. CBS construction, impact-rated windows and doors and a fire-rated cedar shingle roof system were utilized in the house. While the building naturally faces west, its massing protects it from north winds and opens it to favorable south sun angles and summer breezes. Internal spaces support their exterior counterparts. A solid cast iron sculpture by Antony Gormley was specifically chosen by the owner to mark the home’s true center. The figure stands in a simple pool and appears to be supported by the water. The space and the sculpture celebrate the weather by accepting sun, rain, moon and air. ■ View from the west. www.aiafla.org http://www.aiafla.org

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Florida/Caribbean Architect - Winter 2012