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REVERE QUALITY HOUSE RESTORATION AND NEW COMPANION HOUSE, sarasota GUY PETERSON | OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE, sarasota “The dictionary states that regionalism is ‘a devotion to the interests of one’s own region.’ Paul Rudolph described it as ‘a way toward a richness in architecture which other movements have enjoyed and which is so lacking today.’ The characteristics of a regional architecture are perhaps most clearly defined by the site and the environment, climate and orientation, regional traditions and culture, materials, scale and form. But, Rudolph also maintained that true regional architecture is based on a larger idea that is more universal to a nation, or perhaps the world, and it is only the manipulation of that idea that is influenced by its regional characteristics.” — Guy Peterson, FAIA In 1948, the Revere Copper and Brass Company sponsored the national Revere Quality House Program, in which homes were to be built nationwide for an affordable price using quality materials. Ralph Twitchell and Paul Rudolph were selected to design one of these houses in Florida. By 1948, when the Revere House was built, Rudolph was partnered with his old friend Ralph Twitchell and based in Sarasota. As originally planned, there were to be six residences on the property, although only one was built. This is particularly interesting in light of the introduction of a second building on the now much smaller property: Restored Revere House, on right, and Companion House. All photos by Steven Brooke unless otherwise indicated. Outdoor living room of restored house. 16 Addition interior study, www.aiafla.org http://www.aiafla.org

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Florida/Caribbean Architect - Winter 2012