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DESIGN A W A R D S UNBUILT AWARD – HONOR Casa Sky Valley, sky valley, georgia Mateu Architecture, palmetto bay, florida This program called for designing a vacation house of approximately 1,800 square feet in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The property is a 62-acre parcel with an elevation ranging from +110 feet at the rear to about 65 feet at the front. A creek flows from the top of the property to the front. The design of this three-bedroom, two-bath house aimed at the least disruption to the heavily wooded site. Other goals included taking advantage of the unique context, views and solar orientation. The structure, clad in modular maple plywood and corrugated “galvalum” panels has a footprint of 20 by 90 feet. It is oriented on a north/south axis and it bridges the creek on structural supports. The bottom of the structure floats 20 feet above the creek. The jury stated: “this elegant project floats above the ground asymmetrically through subtle shifts. The deck folds out of the rectilinear box and added pieces are wonderfully done, all in a very small footprint.” Wadi Resort, wadi rum, jordan Oppenheim Architecture + Design, miami, florida The proposal for this project establishes a new benchmark for design, quality and sustainability in a desert environment of sand and stone. The conceptual point of departure has its roots in the tectonic and geological histories of the area. Through an engagement of the existing natural faults and fissures, the architecture is inserted into the landscape with nominal impact and elegance synchronized with the topography. The boundaries between manmade and nature, interior and exterior, are deliberately blurred for maximum effect with minimum affect. The lodges and villas in their various forms, rock, tent, spa, are all designed as spatial responses toward establishing a connection with the land. The jury was “blown away” by the project being sculpted out of the rock. They felt it was Rendering of the southern terrace of the Rock Lodge by Luxigon. “the antithesis of architecture, a design that actually subtracts material. The concept is sculpted with great variety and is very sophisticated.” Parque de Levante, murcia, spain K/R, miami, florida The municipal government of Murcia commissioned the master plan for this underdeveloped 100-acre parcel that had historically served a variety of informal uses. The project goals include the preservation and restoration of the orchards and the landscape around a river that traverses the site and sustained the orchards. In addition, the park is conceived as a canvas for what is known as site-specific or environmental art. On the park’s urban edge to the west, a campus of three museum structures will be devoted to the same topic. Two primary circulation paths connect the park to the city while providing for unique interactions with art and nature. A boardwalk (malecón) parallels the restored banks of the river while the shaded Paseo meanders through restored orchards and other natural habitats. The master plan proposes a sloping land bridge 22 Rendering by VUW Studio. that rises gradually from the park level and extends the Paseo over the avenue, just as the malecón passes under it, establishing the park as a single continuous public space. The jury felt that the architect obviously knows the area well and they praised “an elegant design that brings back the orchard and treats the landscape as a design element.” www.aiafla.org http://www.aiafla.org

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