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Editorial / Diane D. Greer The sheer number of award-winning projects this year is testimony to the important work being done by Florida architects. I regret that space limitations imposed on the magazine by the loss of advertising revenue necessitates giving limited exposure to these noteworthy projects. To the winners, I say congratulations and with much hope for a renewed economy, I cling to the idea that in 2012 each winning project will be given the space it deserves. The awards jury met in Los Angeles, California, and reviewed over 240 entries in the design category alone. Jury members included Clive Wilkinson of Clive Wilkinson Architects, Michael Folonis, FAIA, of Michael W. Folonis Architects and Lawrence Scarpa, FAIA, of BROOKS + SCARPA, who served as chair. Each of the jurors is a prominent designer of contemporary buildings, both residential and commercial, and many are award winning and/or published projects. The BROOKS + SCARPA website describes the firm’s design approach this way: “Fulfilling this model of place-making drives our firm to continually explore and create new possibilities for materials, form, construction, even financing, in order to suit the organic characteristics of each commission. It also produces new incarnations of formerly common materials, which reveals extraordinary beauty within ordinary materials.” This year’s winners, both built and unbuilt, are technologically innovative, environmentally sensitive and non-formulaic. By and large, they reflect an attitude of “resourceful creativity” that was much admired by each member of the jury. 2011 AIA FLORIDA OFFICERS President Michael Lingerfelt, AIA, LEED AP President-elect Peter W. Jones, AIA Secretary/Treasurer Nathan Butler, AIA Vice Presidents Martin Diaz-Yabor, AIA Dan Kirby, AIA Amy Nowacki, AIA, LEED AP Gus N. Paras, AIA Associate Director-at-Large Rick Ruiz, Assoc. AIA Regional Directors Stacy Bourne, AIA Clarice Sollog, Assoc. AIA Donald T. Yoshino, FAIA Immediate Past President Richard J. Logan, AIA President’s Message / Michael Lingerfelt By the time this article is published, the first 99 years of AIA Florida’s history will be drawing to a close and we will be standing on the threshold of a new era in architectural innovation. An Association that began in December of 1912 has grown into the voice of the profession with a membership of over 3,000. I hope that all our members will get involved and work toward a future where Florida’s architectural visionaries are encouraged to shape a future that works for all the citizens of the state. Our AIA team has accomplished much. Advocacy, under Dan Kirby’s leadership, was faced with numerous opportunities to protect the practice of architecture and enhance the quality of the built environment by successfully supporting qualifications-based selection, thwarting attacks on CCNA and offering a more viable preferred alternative to “best value option” that addresses comprehensive cost control on public projects. AIAFL provided leadership in code reform and formed a committee of experts to review proposed code revisions from a technical point of view to provide input into the process. Importantly, architects were on the first list of proposed professions to be deregulated, but through the efforts of staff and the Association’s leadership, they were excluded from subsequent lists. The Committee on the Environment, under Gus Paras’ leadership, created a way to highlight the profession through the creation of the first COTE Video-Arch competition. So far, over 5, 000 people have viewed the winner on the AIA Florida YouTube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAIAFlorida. The Membership Committee, headed by Nathan Butler, made a flexible dues payment structure available to firms struggling through the recession. The Small Firms Task Force worked to establish tools to help many AIA Florida member firms navigate and compete in the evolving business landscape. He also coordinated with NCARB to facilitate visits to NAAB-accredited schools to present IDP and ARE information to students and faculty. The Knowledge Committee led by Amy Nowacki did an outstanding job of planning a convention that highlighted how architects can make a difference. Convention attendees also raised enough money to build three children’s rooms for Habitat for Humanity of Collier County. The Communications Committee and its chairman, Martin Diaz-Yabor, created the environment to springboard into the next century by celebrating the top 100 buildings in Florida’s past. Stay tuned, we are planning a big celebration of Florida’s architecture in 2012. Rick Logan, AIA, the 2010 AIA Florida President told us, “The Future is Bright,” and Florida will be looking for those visionaries who are willing to get on the playing field and make a difference in creating a Florida that is sustainable, invigorating and exciting. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the members, for allowing me to serve as your president during this challenging time. It has been my goal to keep the members informed and protect the profession to which all of us have devoted our lives. 7 2011 AIA PUERTO RICO OFFICERS President Miguel del Río, AIA Vice President Jaime E. Sobrino, AIA Secretary Emma Colón, Assoc. AIA Treasurer Emmanuel Ramírez, AIA Associate Director Darwin Marrero Director, Three Years Julián Manríquez, AIA Director, Two Years Darianne Ochoa, AIA Director, One Year Monique Lugo, AIA Past President Diana Luna Scan this code with the QR Code reader on your phone to view the digital version of this magazine. Download a reader in your app market. florida/caribbean ARCHITECT | fall 2011 http://www.youtube.com/user/TheAIAFlorida http://www.naylornetwork.com/fla-nxt

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