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NEW DEEP GREEN LABEL FOR HOMES AVAILABLE By Stephen Dupuis THE CANADA GREEN Building Council launched its LEED Canada for Homes “deep-green” label earlier this year at BILD’s Archetype Sustainable House at the Kortright Centre. LEED, short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification system recognizing high-performance green homes and buildings. The new green label touches upon eight areas of energy and environmental performance including energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, material and resource use, etc., with four performance levels ranging from Certified through Silver, Gold and Platinum (the Archetype Sustainable House is targeting Platinum). Up until recently, LEED was restricted primarily to high-rise residential buildings and the industrial, commercial and institutional building sectors. Going forward, the LEED Canada for Homes label represents one of several options including ENERGY STAR, GreenHouse, R-2000, etc., available to builders seeking to go above and beyond the Ontario Building Code. builders now have a continuum of choice, and I want to emphasize the word choice, as they seek to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. “As many of the people know, BILD is steadfastly opposed to municipal mandating of any green label for private development. We cannot survive in a fragmented marketplace where different green building standards are mandated in different areas of the Greater GTA. “That said, many builders choose to exceed the Code by adopting their own innovative approaches and solutions, if not opting-in to one of the green label programs. We highlight these achievements with our annual Green Builder of the Year awards in both low rise and high rise categories. “BILD offers green training and education, including LEED Canada for Homes training, to our members so that more and more of them become inspired to take green building to the next level.” can have for the quality of life in the years to come. BILD believes that an economic downturn is not a reason to turn away - no matter how temporarily - from engagement in the agenda of the future. We all need to continue to dialogue on a wide array of green solutions and make positive progress in every way we can. “As of today, those builders have another option, thanks to the efforts of the Canada Green Building Council and the many individuals who invested in the effort,” Moore concluded. For more information on LEED Canada for Homes, visit A “BILD offers green training and education, including LEED Canada for Homes training, to our members so that more and more of them become inspired to take green building to the next level.” – Leith Moore, BILD chair. THE BIG PICTURE “In the current economic malaise we need options. We need to emphasize the positive contribution that advancing green building technologies POINTED STATEMENT BILD Chair Leith Moore was present at the launch to congratulate the CaGBC. He took the opportunity to highlight BILD’s commitment to sustainable development and green building while making a fairly pointed statement about voluntary versus mandatory approaches to green building, and a more visionary statement about the future of green building in the context of the times. As Moore noted, “for the last several years, ENERGY STAR has been the only game in town for low-rise builders while LEED has been the label of choice for the high-rise sector. “With the introduction of the GreenHouse label by ENERQUALITY a few months ago and now the LEED Canada for Homes label by CaGBC, low-rise 421142_Olympia.indd 1 Toronto Builder • Fall 2009 • 25 3/21/09 10:52:36 AM

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