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A quick tour of the new (planet friendly) house on the block. IN NEW HOUSING, consumers, builders and governments are all looking for green and greener. To meet that demand, EnerQuality introduced GreenHouse™ Certified Construction, a 360° approach to green building. GreenHouse is an industry-led and market driven initiative, designed to be both affordable and practical. Taking to the next level, GreenHouse environmental responsibility starts with the stringent ENERGY STAR® for New Homes specifications and adds significant environmental features in the area of water conservation, indoor air quality and resource management. A home built to the GreenHouse guidelines will deliver some noteworthy advantages over a code built home. Greenhouse gas production will be reduced by up to 3 tonnes annually and up to 25% less water (without sacrificing a decent shower in the morning). Finding construction efficiencies — optimal value engineering for framing is an example — a GreenHouse certified home will typically use about 15% less raw materials (e.g.: forest products, aggregates) and produce dramatically less construction waste. When it comes to the indoor environment, GreenHouse really shines. Measures to moisture manage and improve ventilation and filtration techniques, along with the selection of better materials (low-VOC paints and adhesives, for example) may dramatically reduce the levels of hazardous indoor contaminants and contribute to a fresher and healthier indoor environment compared to code built homes. For the homebuyer, the benefits are compelling. Energy savings translate directly into monthly savings for homeowners, who can look forward to cutting about 1/3 off their heating and energy bills. The attention to indoor air quality targets improved overall health and may reduce environmentally triggered diseases such as asthma. Finally, the added satisfaction of doing the right thing that comes from using less of Canada’s precious natural resources rounds out the package and allows home buyers to take utmost pride in their new home. From a builder’s perspective, GreenHouse represents a compelling offer to home buyers of a better built and guilt-free home that, overall, costs less and most certainly saves more. For more information, visit or A Toronto Builder • Fall 2009 • 29

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