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Up Front The International Education Diary Compiled by Daniel Obst Dear Readers: In this International Education Diary, you’ll find announcements of new publications, websites, scholarship application deadlines and other member news. If you would like to include an announcement, contact us at membership@iie.org. We hope you enjoy this edition of IIENetworker, which would not have been possible without all the wonderful contributions from our writers. I look forward to your feedback. You can write me at dobst@iie.org. Sincerely, Daniel Obst Managing Editor, IIENetworker NEW PUBLICATIONS FROM IIE Visit IIE’s online bookstore at www.iiebooks.org for more information or to purchase copies of these books and more. Funding for United States Study: A Scholarship Guide for Europeans In this helpful guide, European students and graduates will find detailed information on over 200 scholarships, grants and fellowships available for undergraduate and graduate study, and doctoral and postdoctoral research in the United States. Listings include grants, fellowships and scholarships available through U.S. and foreign governments, colleges and universities, educational associations, libraries, research centers, foundations, corporations, and other organizations. Each award description includes: • Contact information, including email address, of the awardgranting agency • Amount and type of award • Location of study • Eligibility requirements, restrictions and duration • Application deadlines and notification date • How to apply In addition, the guide provides informative articles on financial assistance and university funding options and a comprehensive listing of U.S. educational counseling centers in Europe where students can go to further research university and funding opportunities. May 2005. ISBN: 0-87206-285-6 Price: $24.95. Available at www.iiebooks.org. Open Doors: 19482004 Report on International Educational Exchange This CD-Rom includes every issue of the Open Doors report published from 1948 through 2004. Each issue is presented in its original form in fully searchable Adobe Acrobat files. Open Doors is a comprehensive statistical portrait of international students and scholars in the United States, U.S. students studying abroad, and intensive English-language program activity in the United States. IIE has gathered these statistics for over 55 years, and published the findings as Open Doors since 1954. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State has provided funding for this effort since the 1970s. For the latest data updates on Open Doors, please visit http://opendoors.iienetwork.org. April 2005. ISBN: 0-87206-284-8. Price: $129.00. Available at www.iiebooks.org. NEW SCHOLARSHIP RESOURCES ON THE WEB The Institute of International Education (IIE) and Educational Directories Unlimited, Inc. (EDU), are pleased to announce their latest collaborative projects: FundingUSAStudy.org and Study AbroadFunding.org. Both of these websites are designed to offer a muchneeded service by providing students around the world with comprehensive listings of funding opportunities for study abroad. FundingUSAStudy.org will offer international students wishing to enroll in a U.S. institution a comprehensive directory of funding opportunities including scholarships, fellowships, and grants. Study AbroadFunding.org will provide a comprehensive directory of scholarships, fellowships, and grants for U.S. students who wish to pursue short-term programs abroad at the undergraduate or graduate level. Organizations offering funding opportunities as described above may list their programs free of charge on the Funding USAStudy.org or StudyAbroadFunding. org websites. To add your funding opportunity for U.S. study, please go to FundingUSAStudy.org and click on “Add a Scholarship.” To add a funding opportunity for U.S. student to study abroad, please go to StudyAbroadFunding.org and click on “Add a Scholarship.” To be notified when these websites are available for use or to receive information about advertising opportunities, please send an email to advisor@iiepassport.org. http://www.iiebooks.org http://opendoors.iienetwork.org http://www.iiebooks.org http://www.iiebooks.org http://www.FundingUSAStudy.org http://www.FundingUSAStudy.org http://www.StudyAbroadFunding.org http://www.StudyAbroadFunding.org http://www.FundingUSAStudy.org http://www.StudyAbroadFunding.org http://www.StudyAbroadFunding.org http://www.FundingUSAStudy.org http://www.StudyAbroadFunding.org http://www.StudyAbroadFunding.org http://www.StudyAbroadFunding.org

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IIE Networker - Fall 2005
Message from Allan E. Goodman
Up Front: The International Education Diary
Study Abroad for Students of Color
Programmatic Diversity Versus Unplanned Information Flows
Nurturing Leadership and Social Change: The Mission of the Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program
Study Abroad
Study Abroad
Science and Engineering
Students with Disability
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IIE Networker - Fall 2005