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c ale ndar JUNE c o u r s e s & s e m i n a r s Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Missions, Payloads and Links July 24-27 San Diego, CA JULY DIRCM: Technology, Modeling and Testing July 10-12 Atlanta, GA Advanced EW Course July 17-20 Alexandria, VA Fundamental Principles of EW June 12-15 Alexandria, VA Basic RF EW Concepts June 19-21 Las Vegas, NV AUGUST Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare August 7-10 Alexandria, VA Survey of Electromagnetic Battle Management Applications August 20 Fort Walton Beach, FL SEPTEMBER Basic RF EW Concepts September 18-20 Atlanta, GA DRFM Technology September 18-20 Atlanta, GA Electronic Warfare Update September 18-21 Phoenix, AZ 10 The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2012 Effectiveness Evaluation of Electronic Self Protection September 20-21 Phoenix, AZ Modeling and Simulation September 22-23 Phoenix, AZ Survey of Electromagnetic Battle Management Applications September 22-23 Phoenix, AZ Survey of EA and Cyber Applications September 25 Phoenix, AZ Radar for Electronic Warfare Professionals September 27-28 Phoenix, AZ Survey of EW Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Applications and Payloads September 27-28 Phoenix, AZ AOC courses are noted in red. For more info or to register, visit 577034_Emhiser.indd 1 3/12/12 5:01:42 PM

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JED - June 2012