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letters f ro m o u r re ade r s JED welcomes and publishes letters to the editor when we’re lucky enough to receive them. Please send letters to John Knowles, or to EW ADVOCACY A CONTINUING IDEA I read with great interest the Message from the AOC President (“EW Advocacy”) in the April 2012 edition of The Journal of Electronic Defense. Ms. Buckhout is certainly correct that there are persons outside the usual EW community that are (or become) advocates for EW due to their exposure to operational realities. However to say that “After 9/11… air transport crews wanted IR countermeasures on their C-17s and C-130s...” is not a new idea. I direct your attention to the November 1987 edition of the JED. It sports a C-130 and the words “MAC EW” on the cover. It contains one of my first articles concerning this idea. In the early 1980s, for a time, Special Operations was absorbed by the Military Airlift Command (MAC). The influx to MAC of people familiar with the need for EW in Special Operations led to a movement of captains and a d few civil service personnel who saw the need for EW in airlift operations. These people, such as Captains Stetson Siler, Bob Montague, Chip Kochel, Ronnie Smith and nd myself, plus civil service people of vision like Mr. Roland (Don) vonRohr, worked as best they could ld to get defensive systems on airlift aircraft. Were we successful? Only to a limited extent. By the e time I retired in 1995, there were IR countermeasures (missile warning receivers, chaff/flares and d some old radar warning receivers) on over one hundred Airlift C-130s and C-141s--only a portion n of the fleet. Also, there has been some progress on IRCM sets for larger aircraft such as the C-17. However, this important requirement will require continued effort by the new generations of USAF officers and civil service people if it is to be completed and then, indeed, made a matter of routine requirement for airlifters. Ray A. Yagher, Jr (Lt Col, USAF, Retired) 14 The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2012 It’s EW Summer School at AOC Headquarters ADVANCE YOUR CAREER by taking advantage of these professional development courses this summer. JUNE 12-15 AUGUST 7-10 Fundamental Principles of Electronic Warfare This course is essential for those new to EW field or for those wanting to round out their EW education, covering everything you need to know about the EW field at the systems and operational level. Instructed by Dave Adamy. Essentials of 21st Century Electronic Warfare Course Starting with an overview of EW from its roots in Electronic Combat and crossing over to its contemporary EMS Warfare applications, this course prepares anyone in the military, government, or industry who may be involved in strategies for capabilities development, test and evaluation, training, or operational support with the basics of EW. Instructed by Lynn Berg. JULY 17-20 Advanced Electronic Warfare Building on the information from Fundamentals of EW, this course approaches more complex practical problems and develops the theoretical foundation of EW concepts and techniques. In addition, attention will be given to resources available to EW professionals. Instructed by Dave Adamy. Scan with your smartphone’s QR code scanner to go directly to the course information on the AOC website.

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