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the US NAVY SEEKS LOW BAND POD OPTIONS The Naval Surface Warfare CenterCrane (Crane, IN) has issued a request for information (RFI) as part of a market study to gather technical and program data for a Low Band Alternatives Analysis. The goal of the RFI is to examine low band pod alternatives for the existing low band ALQ-99 encompassing a range of airborne electronic attack (AEA) performance, cost and schedule. Crane is conducting the market survey on behalf of the Director for Electronic and Cyber Warfare (N2/N6F3), which is developing requirements for the Navy’s Next Gen Jammer program. The Navy has drafted preliminary requirements for a replacement low-band pod system, including threshold performance levels, and has established three low-band pod alternatives. The RFI asks respondents to provide information, answer questions and suggest changes in several areas, including performance requirements and alternatives, sub-system concepts and options and technology maturation, as well as indicating whether concepts would or can re-use or modify existing ALQ-99 low-band sub-systems or components and demonstrating what modifications would be required to use those systems. The RFI indicates primary performance priorities for the low-band pod to: 1) achieve threshold levels of frequency coverage; 2) effective isotropically radiated power; and 3) the number and types of jamming assignments, all while maintaining “threshold levels of spectral purity.” Secondary performance priorities include optimizing spatial coverage, minimizing the number of unique antenna configurations and improving RF interoperability with other systems. The RFI also notes that “high gain and efficiency over bandwidth of antenna/radome and amplifier sub-systems monitor news The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2012 are crucial to achieving performance within the imposed constraints [e.g., size, weight and power (SWaP), available cooling, tactical pod integration]. In order to allocate as much SWaP as possible to amplifier and antenna subsystems, the pod’s exciter sub-system must consume the minimum possible SWaP, while providing robust, reprogrammable assignment/technique generation capabilities.” The Navy seeks specific feedback on the feasibility of achieving performance requirements for one of three alternatives the service has already determined, as well as recommendations for changes to preliminary performance requirements, alternative sub-system concepts or sub-system SWaP changes. The RFI also asks for technical concepts for associated amplifier, antenna/ radome and exciter sub-systems, along with the justification for performance and maturity, including design approaches, materials, technologies and prior ongoing development of similar sub-systems. Respondents are to identify sub-systems or components requiring technology maturation to achieve required performance levels, as well as an estimation of the current Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and cost and schedule for achieving TRL 6. An information day to assist in RFI response development will be held for interested parties on June 6 at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD. The technical point of contact is Tom Dalheim, (812) 854-4886, e-mail: thomas.dalheim@ Reponses are due by June 22. – E. Richardson 15 EW EUROPE: FOCUS ON EA AND NETCENTRIC EW/SIGINT There were a number of recurring themes and discussion points at this year’s Electronic Warfare Europe conference, held May 9-11 in Rome, Italy, but by far the most dominant topic in both the conferences and on the exhibit floor was the lessons-learned in the recent Libyan conflict. While no one was suggesting that Libya’s air defense systems were in any way representative of the very latest technology, they were, even so, able to cast light on the limitations of NATO’s

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