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2012 (vote for one) Wayne L. Shaw III Wayne’s AOC membership began in 1988 upon graduation from USAF electronic warfare officer (EWO) training. While a B-52 EWO, he helped turn an inactive AOC chapter into one that received the Chapter of the Year – Small Chapter Award for 1990. At his B-1B assignment, he served as treasurer and later as president of the Red River Raven Roost. His final flying assignment in the USN EA-6B, gave Wayne opportunities to help the Prowler Roost. In 2008, upon returning from a one-year remote assignment running the USCENTCOM EW shop in the desert, Wayne immediately became active in the Billy Mitchell Chapter. He ran their luncheon program for three years, served on several committees, and led the Chapter’s Investment Committee. His fellow directors voted him “Director of the Year” in 2009 and 2010. In addition, he has actively participated in his first national AOC BOD meeting, been on the membership committee, and until recently, the nominations and election committee. He has extensive chapter-level operations experience over a long time frame, and he knows what it’s like trying to get a small chapter going, as well as being part of a collaborative, successful team in a larger chapter. Wayne’s operational EW career included flying as a EWO on B-52s, B-1s, EF-111s and EA-6Bs. His staff assignments included programming funding for EW at the Pentagon and being an EW Planner – from realworld post-Desert Storm days in Riyadh to exercises at 8th Air Force to Mission Rehearsal Exercises while an Air Liaison Officer (ALO) with the 4th Infantry Division. He was on the ground as an ALO in Baghdad for six months in 2006 and has a combat-forged bond with our soldiers who “go outside the wire.” Wayne continues to work in EW today as a contractor supporting the Joint Electronic Warfare Center. His military decorations include two Bronze Stars, twice as many Air Medals, and many more military decorations as a result of flying in Operations PROVIDE COMFORT, SOUTHERN and NORTHERN WATCH, and IRAQI FREEDOM in the air and on the ground. The AOC honored Wayne in 2009 as the USAF recipient of the Joint Service Award. Wayne’s past experiences serving in various capacities for AOC have given him a clear idea of how he can help move AOC into the future. His vision for AOC is to make it the “go to” entity for EW and electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) control concerns. He wants the AOC to refocus on its core of being an association for EW and winning the fight in the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) – whatever pieces of other “domains” that may entail. To make the national processes and products even more accessible and transparent to the membership is also a part of Wayne’s vision for AOC. In addition, as president he will collaborate with membership on how to promote EW and EMS-type careers to the youth of our country. Wayne looks forward to sharing his specific ideas and brainstorming with the membership on how to best make this happen. Election Guide Candidates for President-Elect Anthony “Tony” Lisuzzo Since joining in 1984, the AOC has always been an integral part of his career. Tony is presently serving as a Director At Large on the National Board of AOC, and he has served the AOC Garden State Chapter as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President; along with running the Northeast conference. He has participated in numerous symposiums and chaired several NATO RTO technical R&D programs. In addition, he has served as a technical advisor to the Journal of Electronic Defense. He was humbled and honored to be the recipient of the prestigious AOC 2009 National Gold Medal. Tony has retired from the federal service and has joined L-3 Communication Space and Navigation as VP/GM where he continues to contribute to the security of our National Defense. During his 33 years of Federal Government service, as Director of the Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate (I2WD) at the US Army Communication-Electronic Research and Development Center, he was responsible for providing a full range of EW/ISR systems for both air and ground platforms that protected our men and women of the Armed Forces. Hallmark to his reputation, Tony is the recipient of numerous DOD, Department of the Army and NATO awards, including the Meritorious Service Award, Superior Civilian Service Award, Scientific Achievement Award and the Presidential Meritorious Executive Award. In addition to these distinctive awards, Tony has served on the Board of Directors to the US Military Academy Engineering Department and has been requested to participate as a member on a Board of Trustees to a private Engineering University. Tony continues to educate the community about the increased convergence and ubiquity of EW, ISR and Cyber capabilities that represent a significant change in the way our National Forces address their operational environment. The next-generation systems are beginning to emerge, forming a global, hybrid, and adaptive network that seamlessly merges commercial/ military wired, wireless, optical, Satellite Communications (SATCOM), ISR and other systems into one network. The DOD’s ability to leverage cyber and electromagnetic spectrum capabilities will be increasingly critical to its future operational success. More than ever, this EW/EMS challenge is a combined responsibility. Specifically working with our international colleagues and teaming together will be the ingredient for success. Tony wants to assist AOC and the community to identify areas for combined operations so the strengths of all are maximized. Tony brings a unique perspective and will provide the power of a multi-prong approach to increase national and international visibility of the AOC by introducing a professional certification program that increases awareness to the EW/EMS discipline; increase membership through partnering with Universities Engineering/Math/Science departments. The future leaders in this area will require mentorship. Tony has the experience and communication skills to help AOC meet that challenge of inspiring and 56 The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2012

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