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association news VIKING ROOST HONORS CROW OF THE YEAR The Viking Roost, the Swedish AOC Chapter, annually awards The Crow of the Year for outstanding achievements in the EW area. This year the award was presented to Maj Ulf Kylén of the Swedish Defence Forces Electronic Warfare Battalion. Left: Sten Sjöqvist, Vice President, Viking Roost. Right: Ulf Kylén, The Crow of the Year. Photo: Magnus Tiger AOC EDUCATION IN AUSTRALIA The AOC Education Department just wrapped up a fantastic session of “Essentials of EW” in Adelaide, Australia! Lynn Berg brought the course material to life in an engaging and relevant way for those in attendance. Here’s what some of the attendees had to say: • “…the course was well presented and provided a good level of insight into operational EW.” • “…a great course. The presenter was quite good in delivering broader concepts in an attractive manner.” • “The presenter was fantastic. He has vast experience and knowledge for this field of expertise.” • “Highly recommended. Enjoyed the examples presented during the course.” • “[I] Should have done this course 2 years ago!” • “Very informative. It expanded on my current knowledge while providing an extremely interesting insight into the US perspective. The instructor built on the information being delivered with accounts of his own experiences which were both very interesting and provided a relevant context. I would definitely recommend this course to members at my unit. Thank you.” It seems that the few criticisms focused on the discomfort of the chairs the attendees were sitting in! The concerns are noted, and the AOC is in contact with several recliner manufacturers regarding the next course. All jesting aside, this is another great example of how the AOC is proudly bringing EW education to the global practitioners. Visit today to see all of the upcoming educational opportunities presented by the AOC! a The Journal of Electronic Defense | June 2012 DIXIE CROWS SPONSOR COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE MEETING The Dixie Crow Chapter along with the assistance of MERC and GTRI were proud to sponsor the April 19 Special Meeting to discuss and view a Counter Intelligence special briefing presented by Special Agent Robert Gibbs of the FBI. Special Agent Robby Gibbs has been an FBI agent for the past nine years; working in Washington, DC, for the first eight years before moving back to his hometown of Macon, GA in July 2011. He has worked primarily on counterintelligence (CI) matters and is now responsible for all CI issues occurring in 30 counties in and around middle Georgia. More than 50 attendees gathered in the MERC Auditorium to enjoy the topic of presentation “Betrayed… The Insider Threat” along with popcorn courtesy of GTRI. Betrayed is a “compelling, thought provoking drama” produced by the FBI’s Counterespionage Section to highlight the severity of the Insider Threat, indicators of espionage, and the personal, economic, and intelligence toll exacted by the betrayal of a trusted colleague. • Espionage indicators from the video: • Disgruntled to the point of wanting to retaliate against the government • Divided loyalty to a country other than the United States • Working odd hours without authorization • Removing classified information without authorization • Seeking and/or obtaining classified information without a need-to-know • Bringing unauthorized recording devices (thumb drives, cameras, cell phones) into work areas • Unnecessary photocopying of classified materials • Unreported foreign travel • Unreported foreign contacts • Unexplained affluence • Bragging about what they know (possibly to others outside their agency). 63

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