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washing t on repor t DOD RELEASES SMALL BUSINESS SOLICITATION TOPICS The Department of Defense has pre-releaseda solicitation for its first batch of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) topics for FY2013. The solicitation includes numerous electronic warfare (EW) and signals intelligence (SIGINT) topics for the Navy, Air Force and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Typically, the DOD awards hundreds of SBIR study contracts each year, most for less than $100,000 – though it is unclear how the current DOD fiscal environment will affect these contracts. AIR FORCE Conformal Antenna Technology for Improved Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) (AF131-001) seeks to “develop and demonstrate conformal antenna concepts to enable tactical signal intelligence (SIGINT) for threat detection/avoidance and targeting for Special Operations AC/MC-130Js and similar legacy aircraft.” The point of contact is Jim Tuss, (937) 255-0676, GPS-Denied Positioning Using Networked Communications (AF131-063) asks for development and demonstration of “algorithms, techniques and a system concept for a networked positioning system which overcomes adverse RF environments to allow absolute positioning and navigation to within 10 meters in a GPS-denied scenario.” The point of contact is Stephen Forbes, (505) 846-7890, Multiband Metasurface for Reduced Antenna Footprint and Jamming Mitigation (AF131-066) asks companies to “research and develop a multiple-band, electromagneticallytailored ‘meta’ surface to reduce overall antenna payload footprint and mitigate effects from unwanted RF signals” specific to space platforms. The technical point of contact is Aaron Hock, (505) 846-3962, Game-Theory Enabled Radio Spectrum Management and Waveform Adaptation for Advanced Wideband Satellite Communications (AF131-072) is seeking advanced game techniques for approaching spectrum sensing and management in wideband satellite communications systems and active countermeasures for adaptive radio frequency (RF) interference and adversarial jamming. The point of contact is Khanh Pham, (505) 846-4823, Radio Frequency (RF) Traveling Wave Inspection Tool (AF131-113) seeks to develop a “non-destructive” RF evaluation tool for aircraft specialty coatings, and includes phases for research, design and fabrication and flight-line field test probe. The point of contact is Douglas Carter, (937) 255-7483, douglas. NAVY Automated Target Area Threat and Route Optimization (N131-004) seeks to “develop a tool to automatically optimize multiple disparate platforms’ performance, survivability and target area deconfliction in high threat environments.” The technical point of contact can be reached at (301) 342-3782. Direct Digital Radio Frequency (RF) Conversion Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) (N131-006) requires development of an “advanced all digital Electronic Attack (EA) Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) system minimizing Radio Frequency (RF) component technology that will reduce size/cost/complexity and increase capability and effectiveness through wider bandwidth.” Technical points of contact can be reached at (805) 989-3572 or (805) 989-4876. Automated Generation of Electronic Warfare Libraries (N131-036) seeks to “develop technologies that automate the creation of Electronic Warfare (EW) emitter libraries and that will correctly identify and classify threat candidates.” The points of contact are Alan Montgomery, (540) 653-9477, and Alan Brown, (540) 653-5412, Very Wide Bandwidth Radar/EW Components and Characterization (N131-059) seeks “practical, low-loss, high-isolation passive components and associated characterization techniques for very wide bandwidth, high frequency (micro- and millimeterwave) circuit applications.” The technical points of contact are Charles Pagel, (812) 854-2382, and Ceber Simpson, (812) 854-5470, Other Navy topics include Optical Inertial Reference Unit for Navy Tactical Airborne High Energy Laser (HEL) Applications (N131-010), New Radar/EW Transmit/Receiver Modules and Assemblies Technologies (N131-031), High Power Solid State Amplifiers (N131049), Electromagnetic-Attack-Resistant Electro-Optic Modulator (N131-066), Advanced Adaptive Optics (AO) for Laser Weapons in Heavy Turbulence (N131076), Next Generation Electronic Support Measures Trainer for Submarines (N131-078), and MembraneBased Deformable Mirrors for High Power Laser Systems (N131-081). 20 The Journal of Electronic Defense | December 2012 DARPA High Spectrum Efficiency Technologies (SB131-006) seeks to “develop innovative technologies, tools and related infrastructure that can significantly advance spectrum efficiency of wireless communications networks over current SISO QPSK TDMA technology for defense communication applications and platforms.” The points of contact are Dr. Bruce Fette, (571) 218-4979,, and Stephen Reichart, (315) 330-3918, The full list of SBIR topics is available online at Proposals will be accepted beginning December 17 with a final due date of January 16. – JED Staff a

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