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Chair’s Message The Many Faces of Long Term Care By Wanda Meade KAHCF Board Chair I f someone were to paint a picture depicting “the faces of long term care,” they would likely paint elderly residents. While true that we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our residents, we providers also know that the faces of long term care would be more than residents. The residents come first, but you cannot talk about long term care without mentioning their families, our caregivers, our vendors and the communities we serve. If we were to paint a picture depicting the faces of long term care ourselves, we would start with the residents in the middle. They are our sole reason for being in this profession. Our residents truly need us in their most vulnerable of times, whether it is recovering from surgery and rehabilitating a knee or hip, or because they can no longer care for themselves at home. Even the picture of the residents themselves is changing. Instead of the elderly resident, many of the residents in our facilities are younger and there to receive rehabilitation after an illness or surgery. Many of these residents are able to return home and resume their normal lifestyle. Branch out from the middle and you would find a picture of our employees – the residents’ caregivers who give tirelessly providing quality care to those in their charge. And it is not just h in their charge And it is no just h i ch rge nd rge. e. ot the n the nursing staff, but ever b dy in the he h g staff, but everybody i th t ff b rybod d building. Every sin build g. Ever y single employee h s uilding. E ld ngle employee has e oyee a ro in providing quality car and a role n p ovidin qualit care nd providing d ty re d good experience for the resident and their family. In addition, it is not just one day our caregivers do this. It is every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in rain or snow or heat. When weather wrecks havoc in the Commonwealth, our facilities cannot just shut down. After all, we are home for our residents while they are with us. The residents’ families are another vital piece in this picture of long term care. They have entrusted us to care for their loved ones and they expect a high quality of care from us. We make them part of our family by including them in conversations about the plan of care for their loved one and involving them in activities and daily life in our facilities. For as long as their loved one is with is – and oftentimes after they leave – they are part of our family. These family members, in turn, become some of our biggest advocates in our communities. Our vendor members make up another part of the long term care portrait, for without their support and products, our jobs would be almost impossible to do. From food service providers to medical suppliers, these vendors may stand in the background of our daily efforts but are no less an important part. Imagine making a meal without the food they deliver or working with our residents in rehab without the with ith t resid ts in rehab withou the resid ident hab h wi hou ut equipment and therapists. quip qui uipment therapist ther ists. hera t h rapists. The final part of this pictur e is picture e fi al p f t p pictu re the comm ni communities we serve. L m i ities erve. erve. Long term . The residents come first, but you cannot talk about long term care without mentioning their families, our caregivers, our vendors and the communities we serve. care facilities are located in every Kentucky county, providing care, jobs and an important tax base to their local governments. In many areas, the long term care provider is the largest employer in the county next to the school system. Just as important is the social role our facilities fill in their respective communities. They are the hub of activity not just for our residents, but the whole community as school children, churches and other groups participate in daily life in the facility. These are the faces of long term care. Taken together, they make a portrait of our importance to the lives of our communities and how many lives we touch every day. On behalf of the t ou h e ry d ay. O n b e h alf o f th e ouc ever uch ay lf h Association, thank you for being part Asso iati n, thank ou As ociation thank yo f r b ing part i bein t of this painting we call the faces of long o this paint ting w call f lon ng term c te erm e er care. 6

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