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President’s Message Our Profession Is Important to Kentucky he Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities is proud to represent the people and organizations that care for the more than 23,000 residents who depend on us to provide a safe and caring environment. Our facilities serve the young and old alike, both those who expect to recover fully as well as those in need of extended long term care services. A nursing facility’s purpose is to help individuals meet their daily physical, social, medical, and psychological needs and to return home whenever possible. Our first priority is our residents. We understand that in order to provide quality care to residents we must promote the type of environments that accommodate the best possible patient care. The long term care industry is heavily regulated and we work diligently with federal, state and local officials to ensure the proper standards of care are met or exceeded. We are proud of our well trained staff and take pride in the work and service they provide. That’s why Kentucky consistently ranks above the national average for quality of care standards, compliance and staffing. But our story is even bigger. Our industry employs more than 30,000 well-trained professionals and has an overall econ ic impact f ore than ov all economic impact of more than ve ver ll econom impact nomi mpa e h n $2.5 billion. Ac cordi ng to $2 5 b illi n. According t o a recent 2 2.5 illion A n di i in r ecen rec ent nt By Ruby Jo Lubarsky KAHCF President T But our story is even bigger. Our industry employs more than 30,000 well-trained professionals and has an overall economic impact of more than $2.5 billion. report released by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living, our industry has helped create or sustain over 58,000 jobs (both direct and indirect) resulting in $1.8 billion in annual wages. The long term care industry has also contributed more than $213 million in tax revenue to Kentucky. In many communities, the nursing facility is not only the largest employer, but the jobs are in highest demand. Inside this issue, you will meet former Dawson Springs Mayor Ross Workman. Mayor Workman touts the benefits of having facilities in this small Hopkins County town and how the benefits from the two long term care providers there trickle down economically and socially to improve the quality of life for all Dawson Springs residents. This issue of CareLink shows the many faces of long term care. You will meet residents whose quality of life improved dramatically just from being around other people af r they moved aro nd other people after hey moved a ound o n eople ov d into a Bowling G en facility You will into B wling Green facility. t Bowli Gree wil wi hear the gratitude of a daughter for the caregivers who tended to her mother. Those same caregivers recognized that her mother was having a stroke and, thanks to their skill and care, prolonged her mom’s life. You will also hear from caregivers at our member facilities whose love and devotion to the residents demonstrates just how committed they are to caring for our residents. These are just a few examples of the many different people long term care providers touch every day. Not only should we take great pride in the world-class care that we provide for our residents, but we should also remember the economic benefit we provide for Kentucky. Our facilities create professional careers for many Kentuckians and provide terrific working environments in every county in Kentucky. The long term care industry is good for Kentucky because we provide terrific care while making an economic impact. Thank y u for all econo ic mpact. h k eco omic impact. Thank you for ll ono ct. c that you do. th that yo d ou 7

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President’s Message Our Profession Is Important to Kentucky
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