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The Faces of Long Term Care A Glimpse Inside… The Faces of Long Term Care W hen gears aren’t grinding, locking or screeching to a halt, it is easy to forget the amount of effort that goes into making them work together in harmony. Each gear has to precisely mesh with all the ones around it, which can only happen if every single one is in the right place at the right time. That is what it is like in the long term care profession, only the gears are the people and vendors involved in making sure our residents receive the best care possible. They include the families, the caregivers, the vendors and the communities we serve. Read these personal stories to see glimpses inside these “gears” and to see not only what keeps them moving but the benefits this movement has on everyone involved. 8

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Chair’s Message The Many Faces of Long Term Care
President’s Message Our Profession Is Important to Kentucky
A Glimpse Inside… The Faces of Long Term Care
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CareLink - Spring/Summer 2012