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UP DATES from Saskatchewan MCAS Residential Network Members Report his year, 2008, marks the 10th anniversary of the SaskEnergy Residential Natural Gas Network. In 10 years the Network has grown to include over 130 Members in 58 different communities in Saskatchewan. To commemorate this milestone and the achievements made over the past decade, a celebration is planned to take place in Saskatoon on April 25th. The success of the Network is apparent with the large growth in membership and the strong market transformation that has taken place. In 2001, only 10% of the heating equipment installed in Saskatchewan was high-efficient. But, in 2007, the percentage of high efficiency furnaces being installed is estimated to be about 75% - with 80% of those installations having a DC variablespeed motor. Together, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan, SaskEnergy and its Network Members, will continue to find solutions to help Saskatchewan residents make smart energy efficient upgrades to their homes – creating a cleaner environment and a healthy future. Several provincial programs were announced in 2007 including the expansion of the Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses program, extension of the PST exemption on ENERGY STAR® qualified furnaces and boilers, and the reintroduction of the Saskatchewan Home Energy Improvement Program for Low and Moderate Income housesholds. The success of these programs has proved that Saskatchewan is a national leader in helping homeowners save energy and money. Thousands of homeowners have participated in the Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses program. In fact, there have been more evaluations T completed in Saskatchewan than any other province in Canada. The number one retrofit under the Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses grant program remains to be upgrading a standard furnace to a high efficiency furnace which entitles a homeowner to receive a combined amount of $1,000 back through provincial and federal programs. Some of the other retrofits now eligible under the program include water heating technologies such as instantaneous and condensing water heaters, drain water heat recovery systems, and solar hot water systems. The installation of dual flush or low-flush toilets are also eligible retrofits. It is estimated that each household that completes the program will reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by over 3.5 tonnes. In addition, SaskEnergy offered a limited time $15 programmable thermostat rebate and announced a natural gas appliance rebate for homeowners who build or purchase a newly constructed ENERGY STAR or R-2000 home. Homeowners who install one qualifying natural gas appliance receive $100, and those who install two or more qualifying appliances receive a $250 rebate. Qualifying appliances include natural gas clothes dryers, barbecues, cooktops, and ranges. Last year marked the third annual SaskEnergy Share the Warmth™ Home Energy Improvement Program. Volunteers, Network Members and community partners helped over 400 families in 22 communities prepare their homes by installing items such as programmable thermostats, low flow showerheads, compact florescent light bulbs, and outlet gaskets. The goal is to help 2,500 homes across the province by 2010. Customers continue to have the option of financing their natural gas solution through Residential Network Members. Throughout the year, financing is available (OAC) on all natural gas appliance purchases. A prime rate loan program in 2007 was offered for a limited time to customers who upgraded to an ENERGY STAR qualified high efficiency furnace with a DC variable-speed motor. In 2007, the Network financed over $6 million. Over the past 10 years, customers have financed almost $80 million dollars in natural gas appliance purchases through SaskEnergy Network Members. The Residential Network continues to educate people on the importance of annual furnace maintenance. From February to April, Network Members partnered with SaskEnergy to offer customers $10 off when they book either a Network Home Heating Tune-Up or a SaskEnergy Home Check-Up. Since the program was introduced, over 14,000 customers have completed a Home CALENDAR OF E VENTS May 29 & 30th, 2008 Joint MCAS & CIPH Provincial Conference Jackfish Lodge North Battlefield, SK June 19, 2008 South Golf Tournament Deer Valley, Golf Course Regina, SK June 26, 2008 North Golf Tournament Perdue Oasis, Golf Course Perdue, SK Mechanical Contractors Associations of Alberta, B.C., Manitoba & Saskatchewan 2008 29

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