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B.C.’s Hydrogen Highway™: The Hydrogen + Fuel Cell Alternative By J.M. Ladobruk T he year is 2008, and making strides to curb our energy consumption levels is nothing new; we are an energy-hungry world, but the idea of change is finally taking a tangible form that people are becoming more familiar and comfortable with. Whether this transition in mindset stems from a genuine concern for the Earth and its future inhabitants, or from the more shallow realization that our quality of life is at risk, the fact still remains that change is happening. Fact: global energy consumption is forecasted to rise 60% by the year 2020 — approximately 4% each year. But even if today’s oil production levels remain constant, known fossil fuel reserves will be exhausted within this century (Government of Canada Statistics, 2008). While environmentally-friendly practices such as recycling have long since entered our immediate households, wide-spread energy systems that are renewable and dependable are taking hold of the outside world around us. Biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, solar, tidal and wind are all sustainable energies, but most are considered sporadic as they’re not always suitable or ready for use. Point in case: everyone knows that wind volume fluctuates on a daily basis. Some days will be gusty, other days will not; therefore, the amount of energy produced by wind power is somewhat uncertain. Human effort, undoubtedly, is further spent planning for this variability. Whistler North Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver NRC/UBC Vancouver Airport Surrey Victoria HYDROGEN & FUEL CELL SCIENCE What then, is the energy for tomorrow? Environmentalists and scientists alike are turning their sights toward the advancement of hydrogen & fuel cell science. Like a cause & effect relationship, the next natural step is for us to rely on hydrogen since we’re draining our ever-decreasing volumes of fuel on Earth. British Columbia, Canada Photo provided by General Hydrogen Corporation QUICK FACTS: • Hydrogen is colourless, odourless and tasteless; • Hydrogen is not a new fuel. It is a clean constituent of fossil fuels and has been burning for thousands of years; 58 Mechanical Contractors Associations of Alberta, B.C., Manitoba & Saskatchewan 2008

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