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Message from British Columbia A MIKE OHLMANN PRESIDENT DANA TAYLOR EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT s I near the end of my term as elected president of MCABC, I can say with confidence that despite the challenges we’ve faced in an often volatile industry, Association activity in this province has remained consistently strong. In 2011, we had a resurgence of regular MCABC chapter meetings in all five chapters throughout the province. As we move into 2012, MCABC continues to focus on membership engagement, professional development standards, and affinity program incentives for our members. We also continue to work with fellow industry associations to achieve a better business environment for our mechanical contractors. As part of this mandate, MCABC is now endorsing MCA Canada’s “Change Order Protocol.” As changes in the scope of work on a project are an inevitable part of the construction process, the “Change Order Protocol” is intended to provide a fair and reasonable process for the costing and pricing of change orders. Our Government Relations representative has worked hard to represent our provincial industry on our behalf. This past February, MCABC successfully obtained a proclamation from the province’s Attorney General officially declaring March 11th, “World Plumbing Day.” The 2011 release of the new Z320 Commissioning Standard was a long-awaited success. This new national standard for the commissioning of buildings in Canada covers commissioning of all disciplines and provides a comprehensive process for validating and documenting the optimal performance of a completed building and its systems. Included in the standard are mechanical, electrical, vertical and horizontal transportation subsystems as well as architectural and control systems. Thanks to the Canadian Mechanical Contracting Education Foundation (CMCEF), national members will be able to attend educational seminars nationally, to assist contractors in becoming more familiar and comfortable in understanding new standards of conduct. Looking ahead, MCABC is working hard to establish a number of Student Chapters. Once achieved, these student-based chapters will provide quality educational programs, a sense of industry community, and networking opportunities for newcomers to the field. In starting a student chapter, the industry observes a clear and strong commitment from the association by bringing together the four key industry elements; the association, the contractors, the learning institutions and the future industry leaders. At MCABC, we commit to providing industry students with every opportunity to develop the professional skills, knowledge, and experiences they need to succeed so we may welcome them into our professional ranks. Here in B.C., our economy is expected to grow moderately; if the first quarter of 2012 is any indication, we expect resurgence in construction through 2013. Developing B.C’s green energy resources is also a huge new environmental win for B.C., as our province was the last province in Canada to tap into wind energy. According to BC Hydro, the wind independent power producers (IPP) industry is growing in B.C. as an alternative (yet sustainable) resource and more wind projects are expected to be bid in the future. In light of new and resurging growth in various sectors of the province, these clean and renewable resources are what our province, and our country, need most. As I mentioned last year, I believe that the MCABC team continually demonstrates a cooperative work ethic, a healthy openness for change and a desire to problem solve in everybody’s best interest. It has been a pleasure serving as MCABC’s President these past two years, and I look forward to seeing more of what our provincial association can offer this industry. ■ Respectfully submitted, Mike Ohlmann President, MCABC Mechanical Contractors Associations of Alberta, B.C., Manitoba & Saskatchewan 2012 11

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