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Message from Saskatchewan I JOHN BAKER PRESIDENT JUDY NAGUS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR must say, I am delighted and honoured to represent MCA Saskatchewan in the position of President. Last year accomplishments were many; with such a committed board of directors and association staff, I see 2012 as the opportunity to meet many more challenges. It’s no secret that Saskatchewan has one of the leading construction markets in Canada, with construction activity happening in rural and urban communities all across the province. Saskatchewan’s economy is expected to increase by an average of 3.7 per cent next year, well ahead of the 2.4 per cent forecast for the national average. Busy construction sites translate into more demand, more prosperity and ultimately more economic opportunity for businesses and consumers and there are no signs of it slowing down. I am pleased to say that this translated into increased memberships, and increased participation in our bonspiel, golf tournaments, and provincial conference. Building on this activity, we also added a new membership category: Professional Member. We believe that professional members’ participation will enhance many of our committees and be an asset to our board of directors. The Bylaws and Articles of Continuance for the association were amended to better reflect the current governance of the association today. I am very pleased to say that all the hard work MCAS Gas Committee members did to change gas training in Saskatchewan paid off and industry achieved its goal! • Current gasfitter training within the Steamfitter-Pipefitter and Plumber apprenticeship programs in Saskatchewan be changed to Domestic only. • Allow Refrigeration Mechanics access to gas training and certification. • General Gas training would become up-grader training post-journeyman, still requiring the Domestic Gas as a prerequisite. This will be phased in over a four year period starting this year. We are confident that a Domestic gasfitter is going to be significantly improved by a greater amount of time being allowed for just the Domestic gas portion in school. We continue our lobbying efforts with the Government of Saskatchewan toward a delegated Safety Authority for Saskatchewan. We remain convinced that licensing and inspection for gas, plumbing and electrical be placed within the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan (TSASK). I am very optimistic that our vision will soon become a reality, again thanks to this committees’ hard work. This year we will be starting a formal Dialogue Committee of MCAS and TSASK. There we will discuss items of mutual interest with the initial goal of improved communication and information exchange, and long term goal of legislative or regulation suggestions to take to government. In the fall, we completed the development of the HVAC Basic Controls and Troubleshooting course. The course ran for the first time in September and the feedback was positive. The class was offered again in December and sold out! The course is one of three that will be part of our new and exciting MCAS-HVAC Technical Training series. Level 2 will be held three times in 2012. Once participants successfully complete all three courses, they will receive industry recognised certification. This year our association will participate in promoting World Plumbing Day across the province to educate Saskatchewan residents on our valuable resource: water and proper sanitary systems. MCAS has been consulting with the Apprenticeship Commission in Saskatchewan to engage instructors for our trade school. With instructors leaving their jobs to make better money in construction, SIAST has had a difficult time keeping instructors. MCAS has met with the Minister of Advanced Education, Sask Apprenticeship, SIAST, and the union to work together on solutions. We must keep a very close eye on this situation as contractors and their employees have a lot to lose when and if training is held up or cancelled. We continue to bring this to the government’s attention. ■ Respectfully submitted John Baker, President MCAS Mechanical Contractors Associations of Alberta, B.C., Manitoba & Saskatchewan 2012 15

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