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From Parliamentary Debates to Hugging Plumbers: World Plumbing Day Makes Its Mark by Robert D. Burgon, Past Chairman of the World Plumbing Council ROBERT D. BURGON, PAST CHAIRMAN OF THE WORLD PLUMBING COUNCIL Other Canadian ideas included a call for the public to wave to their local plumber. Another went further and encouraged people to hug their plumber on World Plumbing Day! WPC had tried on several occasions to promote the role of plumbing on World Water Day (21 March) but the results had been disappointing. The decision was therefore made in 2009 to create our own industry day and to encourage the industry worldwide to embrace this as a way of highlighting the importance of plumbing. Having identified an available day (which did not conflict with other major promotions) and agreed upon a logo (chosen after a competition involving graphic designers), WPC then began the task of encouraging industry organisations to do something on or around World Plumbing Day that would attract the attention of the media (in a positive) way and help people to understand how much their lives rely on good plumbing. The response to the first World Plumbing Day on 11 March 2010 was encouraging. Events took place in countries as diverse as Australia, India and Trinidad and Tobago. WPC launched the day at an ISH China trade show in Beijing where some 200 people attended a World Plumbing Day technical seminar. A motion recognising the day was proposed in the Scottish Parliament where a reception and seminar were also held. The Indian plumbing industry took the day very seriously and arranged a series of events throughout the country including street theatre and poster campaigns. As a result of the combined industry effort, for the fi rst day there was extensive newspaper coverage in several countries as well as TV coverage in China and radio reports in the USA and UK. World Plumbing Day 2011 saw even more activity. WPC itself prepared a PowerPoint presentation on water and health for use in primary schools with children in the age range 7–10. As WPC Chairman at that time, I recorded a short video message about World Plumbing Day that was loaded onto various websites and onto YouTube. Last time I checked, the YouTube message had been watched 2500 times. This is not massive when compared to the viewings achieved by pop stars or celebrities but it is pretty satisfactory for a video promoting plumbing. WPC held a Council meeting in Bangalore, India on the week in which the day fell and also hosted a seminar which was addressed by leading figures from the Indian medical  profession. 25 O ne of the common themes arising from discussions among plumbi ng i ndustry organisations at meetings of the World Plumbing Council (WPC) is that our industry does not enjoy the respect that it deserves. In developed countries, where good water supply and sanitation is the norm, the role of plumbing is generally taken for granted. In developing countries, where plumbing often does not exist to any extent, there is a tragic lack of awareness about how health and mortality levels could improve through the provision of basic plumbing systems. It was in response to these concerns that World Plumbing Day was born. For over a century, international days have been used as an effective way of raising awareness about a cause or subject. Whether it is refugees, book s, women or medical issues such as AIDS, the designated days to promote these topics have become an important campaigning tool. The Mechanical Contractors Associations of Alberta, B.C., Manitoba & Saskatchewan 2012

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