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CLIVE THURSTON, PRESIDENT, ONTARIO GENERAL CONTRACTORS’ ASSOCIATION RICHARD MCKEAGAN, PRESIDENT, MCA CANADA Protecting One’s Right to Timely By Stephen Murdoch I n early June of 2011, Ontario MPP Dave Levac introduced his private member’s bill, the “Protecting Contractors through Prompt Payment Act.” The bill requires that a person carrying out construction work or supplying related goods and services should, if under a binding construction contract, receive a progress payment on a specified date. Should a date not be specified, a progress payment should be made at the end of every month during which construction work is carried out or the related goods and services are supplied. In addition to receiving progress payments, the bill also states that payments would be made in the amount specified in the aforementioned contract. Under the bill, if no set amount is specified, a progress payment based on the value of the construction work carried out or goods or services provided, relative to the contract’s total value, would be made. On the very same day the bill was introduced, the provincial government was prorogued until after the Ontario provincial election. Although private members’ bills rarely come into law, the introduction of the “Protecting Contractors through Prompt Payment Act” certainly brought attention to 44 the issue. And, with interest in the issue at an all-time high, stakeholders from across the industry have joined forces to make the bill a reality. Prompt payment is important to businesses working in the construction industry. Slow payment can undermine a business’ ability to pay bills, payroll and other operating expenses. With that in mind, the National Trade Contractors Coalition of Canada (NTCCC) consulted all three provincial political parties and secured the support of each. Richard McKeagan, president of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada, is excited about the prospects of legislation being introduced. “There is similar legislation in place across the United States and other countries worldwide. The 10 founding organizations of NTCCC believe the time has come for Canada to join the growing list,” McKeagan explains. Last year, the NTCCC took the prompt payment campaign across Canada, meeting with several contractor associations. “The enthusiasm for the proposed legislation was infectious. Various provincial trade associations welcomed the prospect of introducing legislation in their respective provinces. There Mechanical Contractors Associations of Alberta, B.C., Manitoba & Saskatchewan 2012

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