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Technology-Aided Recruitment? By Christine Kiernan, n today’s digital world, so many companies are creating technical formulas and algorithms to identify the “right” candidate and building ATS systems to help manage the influx of applicants, some who are qualified others who are not. While many of these systems have changed the recruitment process and in some cases even created efficiencies, online platforms will never replace the gut instinct a recruiter has when they first meet a future employee. Recruiters don’t go into the business relying on a search engine or social I network to miraculously bring their ideal candidate to the doorstep. They enter the business because they have a knack for connecting with people and identifying talent. This is a skill most people would unequivocally agree can’t be replaced by a simple software solution. The Internet, however, can be a great resource for increasing exposure for your company. For many job candidates, it’s their window into your world, the positions you have open, and the culture and work environment your company provides. The Internet is also a great place to identify potential candidates. Social platforms allow you to see a candidate in a space where they are most comfortable—the information they choose to share with colleagues, family and friends online can give you good insight into this candidate’s skill set and strengths. For many job candidates, the Internet is their window into your world, the positions you have open, and the culture and work environment your company provides. GET RECERTIFIED. TM DON’T WAIT. START YOUR RECERTIFICATION PROCESS TODAY. But, as your company gains visibility on the Internet—through your website, social media accounts and even advertising—how do prevent yourself from becoming inundated with resumes? How do you know who the most serious, qualified candidates are? Right now, your best option is to skim through the pile of resumes and look for individuals who, on paper, meet your job criteria. But we knew there had to be a better way—not to do your job, but to make it easier. There are tools out there to help you leverage the exposure of the Internet by creating marketing programs to promote your job openings while weeding out non-serious candidates. Technology-aided recruitment is about quickly connecting you to the best candidates so you can get on with your job. ■ Christine Kiernan is with, which uses a patented application system and creates unique marketing programs to attract good candidates. While providing other bells and whistles, it recognizes technology will never take the place of good people. Visit to learn more. on our blog–Recert Connection FOLLOW US ON t in f RECERT CONNECTION BLOG 10 2012 1 579568_HRCI.indd MISHRM State Conference • Oct. 10-12 Registration 22/03/12 2:56 PM online only at

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