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Social Media in the Workplace By Timothy Whiting, Credential Check Corporation ou cannot turn your head without hearing or seeing something related to social media. With the recent IPO for Facebook to constant Tweets and the LinkedIn requests, it is hard to get away. Social media sites are no longer just on your computer, we even view and update from our tablets and phones. With this ever-changing technology come several questions for human resources, including whether or not to use social media sites to screen potential employees, reviewing current employees’ profiles, restricting access to the sites from work computers and how employees can or cannot mention the company in their posts. I was recently at the International Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) Conference in Chicago and this was a very hot topic. It was intriguing to hear the various view and opinions and although many people did vary in their views there was no debating that this is a topic that needs to be discussed within each organization. Below are some of the key topics on social media within HR: • Pre-Employment Screening There has been an increase in the pushback on using social media for preemployment screening as there are many obstacles. The first challenge is confirming that the account is actually owned by the candidate. A method that some companies turned to was asking the candidate for their login information, however, Facebook has publically asked employers to discontinue this practice and many view this as a violation of the candidate’s privacy. In addition, the information on a social media site is subjective and it is difficult to implement a Y standard on how the information will be reviewed in comparison with the job functions. This could potentially lead to an EEOC violation due to disparate impact on a candidate. • Use at the Workplace Many employers have been removing the firewall rules that prohibit work computers form viewing social media sites. Since many individuals are using their phones to view and post to these sites, these firewalls have come less impactful. Employers are leaning more towards company policies on appropriate use in the workplace and training employees on the impact of social media as a more beneficial practice. • Use of Company Name It can be a great benefit to a company to have its name listed in social media driving sales and employee satisfaction. However, without proper guidelines and training this can quickly become a point of contention or cause damage. While most employers would be proud to have their employees provide great feedback on LinkedIn and Facebook on their experiences at the company, they are equally concerned with an employee damaging the reputation of the company. Social media has proven that it is here to stay and companies are quickly working to determine how to turn it into a company asset versus a liability. ■ Don’t Lose Ground As the Nation’s economy heads for a rebound, don’t be distracted by employment disputes that can derail your company’s efforts toward growth and revitalization. Our law firm, Nemeth Burwell, P.C., exclusively represents management in the prevention, resolution and litigation of employment disputes. Management labor and employment law. It’s what we do. 200 Talon Centre Dr., Suite 200 · Detroit, MI 48207 (313) 567-5921 · Working with Employers to Prevent, Resolve, and Litigate Employment Disputes Registration online only at 11 PM 04/06/12 5:07 2012 MISHRM State Conference • Oct. 10-12 588550_Nemeth.indd 1

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