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2012 State Conference Information Summary of Topics PRE CONFERENCE Everything Electronic TOM HATHAWAY, TRACEY LEAHY AND SCOTT WROBEL Business as if People Mattered—A “Practically Radical” Approach to HR BILL TAYLOR COLLEGE OF CURRENT EVENTS LGBT – Are You in the Know? Beyond Inclusion CLAUDIA D. ORR & KAREN PIPER Clark Hill lawyers will highlight key electronic management issues: 1) policies, practices and misconduct; 2) document retention; loss prevention, practices and policies regarding communication and sharing, including privileged and confidential. Equal Employment Opportunity Issues: From Effective Hiring Practices and Policies through Testimony at Trial or Deposition DAN BRETZ, JENNIFER BUCKLEY, KYM KINCHEN Articulate the challenge of strategy with rules for creating value in the marketplace; discuss importance of culture and creating something compelling and distinctive in the workplace; explain the new talent battle; describe the logic of connecting with customers by making the company more memorable; discuss talent strategy is not just about full-time employees. Leading with Lofty Ethical Standards: Integrity in the Workplace KYM WORTHY Identify potential discrimination and harassment claims; explain recommended updates of employment policies; explain the FMLA rights of same-sex couples involving children; identify issues with gender transformation surgery including disability-related provisions and accommodations. Clark Hill lawyers will highlight EEO policies and practices; review issues related to background checks that should be considered in policy implementation; discuss how to effectively investigate complaints and adopt practices to reduce risks; highlight issues in effective handling of EEOC charges and how to avoid/protect against retaliation claims. Th is session will also include mock attorney examination and cross examination. Health Care Reform: Thrive, Don’t Just Survive MICHAEL G. NIXON Identify why character, honor and integrity are critical leadership characteristics; examine how courageous saying “no” is and how it drives integrity; explore how core beliefs and values must be the guideposts of effective actions as leaders; describe why leaders must be the example and heralds of integrity. Describe action steps for employers to prepare for health care reform impact on benefit plans; explain the impact of court rulings in light of health care reform; identify actions that legislation will require, including modeling the actuarial value and affordability of current plans. St. Joseph’s Journey Intensive Program— Engaging Employees to Share Their Personal Mission MARTHA MURPHY COLLEGE FOR CAREER ADVANCEMENT The Power of Storytelling: Become a Communication Ninja JENNIFER MAXSON Molding Your Future Workforce: Why Succession Management is HR’s Top Priority LISA STERLING Luncheon speaker will speak about St. Joseph’s Journey Intensive program, designed to engage associates in creating outstanding customer/patient experiences—an example of the leadership role that CEOs and COOs play in culture transformation, talent management and getting employees invested in the company. Wage and Hour Claims: The Warnings of Increased Exposure are Real and what to do About it PAUL COUGHENOUR, JAMES STADLER, KURT GRAHAM AND ANNE MARIE WELCH Describe the purpose of storytelling in a business context; implement the critical elements of storytelling; improve storytelling performance with the use of structuring and sequencing your message; use the art of storytelling in business to effectively communicate your message. Define successful models of succession planning in identifying and developing high potential talent; describe real-life case studies of how succession planning can significantly impact business success; apply strategies for developing a succession management strategy; manage expectations of employees who are identified and not identified as high potential. Are You My Employer? Managing Contingent Workforce Issues TERRY W. BONNETTE What’s Your Brand? How to Find a Hidden Job in a Tough Labor Market DR. PATRICK CALLAGHAN Clark Hill lawyers update regarding increased government audits and review the most common compliance issues. A mock wage-and-hour audit will be included as a part of the presentation. Wrapping Your Arms Around Leave and Absenteeism Issues to Reduce Associated Costs BILL MOORE, CONNIE CESSANTE DAVID CESSANTE, KRISTI GAUTHIER, AND GREG MOORE Discover the full scope of potential job opportunities; identify, prioritize, take action and follow up on advertised jobs; brand so that recruiters with unadvertised jobs can find you; promote yourself to solve an organization’s business needs; prioritize and budget your time spent in job search. Describe factors in worker classification and the misclassification risks; apply strategies for managing contingent employees, including recent case law related to proper classification of workers as employees, independent contractors, interns and volunteers; develop recommendations for avoiding risk and liability relative to hiring contract employees. What’s In Your Sandwich? 10 Surefire Ingredients for Career Success JOCELYN GIANGRANDE Surgically Cutting Health Care Benefit Costs: Great Health Care Is Not Always Local NAREN BALASUBRAMANIAM & GREG MOORE Clark Hill attorneys will review the laws requiring time off and modified schedules and highlight the policies and practices that HR can implement to improve attendance. Health care and benefit specialists will discuss how employee rewards can improve health versus the legal risks associated with implementing such plans. Develop effective career planning skills to function as an internal coach; help others design a successful career strategy; create an inventory of current skills, talents and career approach to develop your personal brand; utilize proven career strategies from successful leaders. Branding Yourself Using Social Media: A LinkedIn Case Study ANDY KAWADA Describe HR/total rewards strategies that can leverage and complement the organization’s business strategy; explain Medical Value Travel as a healthcare trend and how it can benefit employers; describe the landscape of international healthcare providers and the opportunity present for quality and cost differentiation; identify the points where ERISA, HIPAA, FMLA and related regulatory policies intersect with Medical Value Travel. KEYNOTE Treating the Talent Pool as “Consumers of Work” LIBBY SARTAIN, CHRO OF BOTH YAHOO! INC. AND SOUTHWEST AIRLINES Describe how LinkedIn can be used to make you visible and sell your brand; identify how to be strategic about which contacts to target; create a searchable LinkedIn profi le that tells a compelling story. COLLEGE OF EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT Global HR 101: What Your CEO Expects from HR in a Globalizing Business LANCE RICHARDS From Classroom to Career KIRSTEN E. ROSS Establish a team to create the right worker experience; consider the needs of the business and sensibilities of workers to meet changing business requirements; develop an organization that creates strong connections and a reputation for providing a great worker experience. Create targeted career goals aligned with core values and life vision with market needs; manage your career by participating in activities that add experience, skills or knowledge; implement specific strategies to create and maintain a great business connections to drive career growth. Describe macro trends facing HR in a shrinking world; define what HR has to do in a global business, including operating in new countries, expatriates, hiring local nationals, joint ventures, why it’s different than domestic HR; gain tools and expand your knowledge in global HR. 14 201 2 MISHRM State Conference • Oct. 10-12 4 2 01 MIS HRM St ate Co nfe ren ce Oct . 1 0- 2 2012 MI SHRM S t a C o nf e re n c e Oc M IS HR M fe en e O 0-12 0-1 R gist ra on o in only t www .mi shr m.o rg Reg ist rat ion on lin e o nly at Registration online nl istrat o n s a ine l w mi sh mi or

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